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Apollo Hospitals launches ApoKos – India’s first rehabilitation hospital providing comprehensive rehabilitation for a range of medical conditions. ApoKos Rehabilitation Hospital is India’s first rehabilitation hospital, providing comprehensive rehabilitation for a range of medical conditions. ApoKos brings together the best of Indian and European healthcare. Our parent organizations have over 50 years of experience in the fields of healthcare and rehabilitation.

Our goal is to assist patients become as independent as possible and help them go back to normal daily routines and even to work. People suffering from the after effects of strokes, spinal cord injuries, trauma and other neurological and orthopaedic conditions can benefit from our rehabilitation programs and improve their physical, mental and sensory functions. Our focus on intensive and early rehabilitation helps patients recover function faster. Long term care plans and continued availability of therapy help patients learn how to cope with their disabilities and prevent or minimize future complications.

The ApoKos Rehabilitation Hospital is situated centrally at Hyderabad in Jubilee Hills. Large gyms provide ample space for physiotherapy and separate, well equipped rooms are available for specialized therapies. Special therapy rooms are also available for pediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Our inpatient facility provides comfortable rooms with lots of natural light. We offer twin-sharing, single and deluxe rooms to cater to each patient’s requirements. All our bathrooms provide facilities like shower seats and sturdy grab bars for patients with disabilities. All rooms also provide comfortable space for a family member to stay with the patient.

The ApoKos Rehabilitation Hospital provides all the equipment required for physiotherapy and occupational therapy. In addition we also have the latest in robotic rehabilitation equipment. Robotic rehabilitation allows for intensive training and, thus, faster recovery. We provide robotic rehabilitation for both upper and lower limbs.

Rehabilitation usually involves a team of highly trained professionals, called your “multidisciplinary team.” Members of the multidisciplinary team include:

  • Physician
  • Rehabilitation Nurseerapy
  • Psychologist/Neuropsychologist
  • Physiotherapistt Room
  • Speech Therapist



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