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What Is Knee Joint?

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What Is Knee Joint?

The knee is the largest joint in the body. It is commonly referred to as a ‘hinge’ joint because it allows the knee to flex and extend (bend and straighten like a door hinge).

Each bone end is covered with a layer of smooth shiny cartilage that cushions and protects while allowing near frictionless movement. In addition, there is a special washer like cartilage between the joint surface of the thigh and leg bones called Meniscus. Cartilage, which contains no nerve endings or blood supply, receives nutrients from the fluid contained within the joint. Surrounding the knee structures is the synovial lining, which produces this moisturizing lubricant. If damaged, the cartilage is not capable of repairing itself.

Strong fibers, called ligaments, link the bones of the knee joint and hold them in place, adding stability and elasticity for movement. Muscles and tendons also play an important role in keeping the knee joint stable and mobile.

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