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Apollo BGS Hospitals, MysoreWhat Can I Expect From an Artificial Knee?

What Can I Expect From an Artificial Knee?

Learn about the diet required to maintain healthy bones, the deformities of the lower limbs, arthritis, rheumatis, osteoporosis, slipped disc and many more...

What Can I Expect From an Artificial Knee?

Benefits of a Total Knee Replacement

An artificial knee is not a natural knee, so it is unfair to expect it to function as a normal free joint. But a near normal function of the new joint is an achievable target.
  • With the availability of technically advanced implants and well established surgical expertise in premier institutions such as Apollo group of hospitals the success rate of this surgery has been reported worldwide approximately 97% at a 12 year follow up.
  • The average life of the implant for all age groups and indications has been found to be 15 years.
  • Relief from joint pain and stiffness.
  • Improve joint movement.
  • Ability for independent movement.
  • Improvement in the alignment of the deformed joints.
  • Independence to carry out functional activities of daily living like; walking, climbing stairs up and down, swimming, driving and social activities.
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