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ACL surgery is to reconstruct the torn ACL in knee. Commonly 3 grafts are used:

  • Hamstring tendons.
  • Bone tendon Bone graft.
  • Central Quadriceps tendon.

These grafts are fixed in anatomical positions using various implant options.

Anatomical ACL reconstruction

The standard ACL reconstruction has provided great stability to knee but has been now proved to not halt progression of osteoarthritis. So, in order to provide stability to knee and also prevent or retard the development of osteoarthritis, a new concept with ACL evolved around mid of 2005 in USA. This new concept is called the Anatomical Reconstruction of ACL. With the advent of higher technology in arthroscopy, it became very safe to go into highly difficult places in the knee.

We routinely not just do Anatomical ACL reconstruction with Bone tendon Bone graft but also Hamstring tendons are used. In patient whose graft quality is good and not yet any osteoarthritis, knee is considered for Anatomical double bundle ACL reconstruction.

Combined ligamentous injuries

When ACL, PCL & PLC (posterolateral complex) is torn, we reconstruct all ligaments using arthroscopic and open techniques to restore knee stability. Isolated PCL is also treated surgically if ER III laxity is found with Anatomical PCL reconstruction.

Patellofemoral diseases

In case of maltracking of kneecap and in patients where knee caps regularly comes out and fall back, we offer specialized services Knee patellofemoral specialized rehabilitation
In case, medial patellofemoral ligament is turn, this MPFL can be minimally invasively corrected If needed tibial tuberosity shifts are done to allow a normal patellofemoral tracking.

Cartilage injuries

Cartilage is the shock absorber of every joint, which also allows frictionless movement in Joints. Till around 2008, for cartilage injuries scope of healing was very limited. Now we have many options to optimally allow cartilage healing.

Micro fracturing technique

Transfer of cartilage from non important part of joint to weight bearing injured areas called OATS.

Must modern techniques called Chondrocyte transfer or replantation has become possible with advent of laboratory where cartilage can be grown in artificial media and transferred to injured area to allow normal cartilage to form.

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