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Total Hip Replacement

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The end portion of the thighbone affected by arthritis is replaced with a metal head that can be cemented with special glue to the stem of the thighbone (or) can be uncemented (in younger patients). The socket is replaced with a metallic cup and high density plastic is used as an insert into it. The socket is usually left uncemented (screws are used to connect to the thighbone). The Total Hip Replacement procedure enables restoration of the natural gliding motion of the joint.

What is a total hip replacement?

When the hip joint has worn to the point when it no longer does its job, an artificial hip (called prosthesis) made of metal and plastic can take its place. The surgery to implant the prosthesis is termed a total hip replacement. The hip replacement recreates the normal function of the hip. While the idea of getting an artificial hip joint may be frightening to some, it is one of the safest and most effective medical procedures.

  • Total hip replacement, which entails replacing the acetabulum with an artificial liner as well as replacing the proximal femur with an artificial stem, is an excellent procedure for the treatment of hip pain and arthritis. Furthermore, it provides for a more mobile hip.

Who should have a total hip replacement?

  • Total hip replacement is recommended for arthritic patients with severe pain and limited function.
  • Patients at our Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore affiliate are encouraged to participate in a joint replacement seminar.


  • The most apparent benefit of hip replacement is dramatic pain relief. Almost all patients have complete, or near complete, relief of pain. As the pain lessens, function also improves. Most patients have better range of motion and limp less.
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