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Apollo Knee Clinic

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Apollo Knee Clinic

Disease profile is undergoing rapid transformation in India and infectious diseases are fast giving way to life style diseases. Knee pain and knee related disease and disability is one such major chronic disease that incapacitates people of all age groups.

Knee pain is one of the commonest problems that many people face in their day to day lives. Indeed, over 4 million people over 60 years of age and over 6 million people across all age groups need help for knee pain and disorders.

Factors such as aspiration for a longer and more active life, increasing life expectancy and injuries are leading to an increased incidence of hospital visits due to knee pain.

While a variety of options are available today both in traditional and alternative medicine for management of knee pain, most of these options are incomplete and sub-optimal. Patients move from hospital to hospital and from doctor to doctor in search of pain relief often without desired results. The need for a comprehensive centre for managing knee disorders was therefore obvious and was also articulated by many patients.

Therefore we at Apollo Hospitals decided to create a comprehensive solution for knee pain integrating the different elements of managing a knee disorder.

Starting from prevention through early diagnosis, medical intervention, and surgical intervention to rehabilitation, the Apollo Knee Clinic aims to offer a complete program for people suffering from knee disorders due to causes ranging from arthritis, age, sports injuries and obesity.

Research, inputs from experts in orthopedics and physiotherapy and the expertise and experience of the entire Orthopedic team at Apollo Hospitals has provided the inputs required for this program. Wherever possible the protocols and guidelines have been benchmarked with global institutions to ensure that the outcomes are comparable to the best institutions in the world.

The Apollo Knee Clinic and Program addresses every aspect of joint health .This encompasses the entire gamut of healthcare options for knee care, including

  • Prevention of knee disorders by creating awareness among the public.
  • Early and precise diagnosis by the exclusive knee checks packages.
  • Preventing disease progression: by our Disease Management Program that offers long term support and service to people with knee disorders.
  • Effective and world class Treatment: through integrated proactive physiotherapy & exercise, Arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures, and Knee replacement. surgery by some of the most renowned experts in Orthopedic and Joint replacement surgery.
  • Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy.
  • Weight management.
  • Research: on the use of regenerative techniques to manage knee pain and arthritis using stem cells, cartilage transplantation etc.
  • Management of sports related disorders and injuries to knee.
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