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Apollo BGS Hospitals, MysoreMISS (Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery)

MISS (Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery)

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Complex Spinal Surgeries & Minimal Access Spine Surgery

With the increasing rates of high speed vehicular accidents, the incidence of spinal injuries are on the rise. And if the patients do not receive effective treatment at the earliest, they may be left with debilitation neurological defects (paralysis of hands and legs / inability to control urination and defecation). Complex spinal stabilization procedures are performed at Apollo Hospitals to achieve a high degree of spinal stability as rehabilitation often depends on it. Microsurgery (micro-discectomy, corpectomy [removal of vertebral body], laminectomy, laminoplasty) is used to treat Spondylosis, where the spine gets degenerated and causes pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves.

MISS (Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery)

MISS is an advanced procedure wherein the spinal system is accessed via a button-hole sized port. MISS uses specialized tubular retractors through which surgeons operate. This has multiple advantages over traditional spinal surgery. While it is minimally invasive, it is relatively painless, patient-friendly, bloodless and scar-less.

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