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Apollo BGS Hospitals, MysoreDerma Roller In Hair Loss

Derma Roller In Hair Loss

1. How does it feel during the treatment?

A topical anaesthetic is used to numb the treatment area before performing the Dermaroller. Most patients describe the discomfort as moderate and acceptable with slight pain during the procedure but persistantpain were never experienced by the patient.

2. What should I expect after the treatment?

There will be slight pain with edema which resolves completely in 10 minutes. The results will be seen after the 3rd or 4th treatment with appearance of new hair from the follicles along with conversion of thin hair into thick hair.

3. How many treatments are necessary?

Treatment is conducted every 3-4 weeks until a satisfactory result is obtained. The number of treatments required varies, usually 8 -10 treatments are required for maximum result.

4. Side effects?

The skin can become red immediately after treatment with slight edema which resolves in 10 to 15 minutes. No permanent side effect is seen.

5. Time taken for each treatment?

Treatment can take from 15 – 30 minutes, depending on which area is being treated.

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