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MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a diagnostic imaging test that uses strong magnet and radiofrequency waves to produce images of internal organs and structures. MRI is a non invasive procedure, however, your Physician/ Radiologist may request a contrast agent be used to better visualize organs or structures.
If this is requested you will receive an injection of the contrast agent during your examination A normal kidney function is necessary for the contrast to be removed from the body; therefore the radiologist will check your creatinine levels to ascertain your kidney function before administering the intra venous contrast.
It is essential that the patient alert the technologist if they have a pacemaker, surgical clips, metal objects, or prosthesis. The technologist will determine with the help of the radiologist if the examination should be performed. MR imaging includes whole body study with MR mammography, MRCP, MR angiography, MR Arthogram, Functional MRI & Diffusion Tensor imaging (DTI) etc. The department is also equipped with MR guided HIFU, therapy for uterine fibroids (in future for metastasis, liver lesions).
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