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Adrenal Disorders

Adrenal Disorders

The adrenal, or suprarenal, glands are located on the top of each kidney. These glands produce hormones that are necessary for life, including sex hormones and cortisol, which helps the body respond to stress and has many other functions.

Adrenal disorders can cause the adrenal glands to make too much or not enough hormones. The common disorders of the adrenal gland are

  • Cushing’s syndrome: there’s too much cortisol
  • Addison’s disease: there is too little cortisol. Some people are born unable to make enough cortisol.
  • Tumors can also cause disorders in adrenal glands.
  • Bleeding and infection can cause an adrenal gland problem that can be fatal without quick treatment.

The multidisciplinary team of endocrinologists and surgeons design customized treatment plans depending on the specific problem each patient has.

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