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    Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Bangalore

    The Orthopaedic surgeons at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore can diagnose and treat many types of bone and joint problems using minimally invasive techniques. Most minimally invasive orthopaedic surgeries are done with the use of an arthroscope, a special thin tool designed for viewing and treating problems inside a joint. The arthroscope is so slim that it can be inserted into the joint through one or more tiny “keyhole” cuts through the skin, rather than longer incisions.

    The arthroscope is fitted with a state-of-the-art miniature camera and a specialized lighting system that enables the structures inside the joint to be viewed on a monitor. The surgeon can attach special tools to the end of the arthroscope to shave, cut, or remove tissue or bone that are causing problems. Arthroscopic or keyhole surgeries of the joints are routinely performed.

    The most common arthroscopic procedures include repairing cartilage and meniscus problems in the knee, and removing inflammation and repairing rotator cuff tears in the shoulder. Apollo Hospitals performs arthroscopies on a routine basis.

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