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    Minimally Invasive Knee and Shoulder Surgeries

    Leading Minimally Invasive Knee and Shoulder Surgeries at Apollo, Bangalore

    Minimally Invasive Knee and Shoulder surgeries come under the group of Minimally Invasive Orthopaedics surgery. Keyhole surgery is another name for this surgical approach, carried out through numerous small incisions rather than a single big one. By resorting to this approach, the same surgical result is achieved with very less stress & trauma to the nearby soft tissues.

    Almost every experienced surgeon recommends (if feasible) going for the minimally invasive approach rather than open surgeries for Knee & Shoulder problems, owing to their immense benefits, which we have enlisted below.

    What are the advantages of Minimally Invasive Knee & Shoulder Surgeries?

    The advantages of minimally invasive knee and shoulder surgeries are –

    • Smaller Incision

    Minimally invasive surgeries don’t require big incisions from the surgeon. Instead, they just need to make a little incision large enough to introduce small surgical equipment like cameras and tubes. Moreover, fibre-optic cameras give surgeons the same precise interior organ visualisation while performing the surgery.

    • Minor Complications

    During surgery, a tiny incision minimises bleeding and swelling. Furthermore, huge incisions won’t need to be made by cutting through muscle. This indicates that it causes less harm and trauma to the soft tissues, muscles, nerves, tendons, and surrounding organs.

    • Minimal Risk of Infection

    Fewer exposed wounds pose less of a danger for viruses and bacteria to enter the body and cause infection during or in the post-operative phase. 

    • Shorter Hospital Stay

    Certain minimally invasive procedures don’t need a hospital visit, significantly lowering overhead expenses. The stay is shorter and more cost-effective for operations carried out in a hospital than for people who go for open surgery. Many patients won’t even need to spend the week and can be discharged in 1-2 days.

    • Quick Recovery

    There are fewer activity limits and a shorter recovery period for many individuals who have minimally invasive procedures. They also have reduced postoperative discomfort and swelling and can resume their regular activities within a few days. Many individuals don’t need narcotics following surgery because there is less discomfort. Although, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor.

    Minimally Invasive Knee & Shoulder Surgery in Bangalore at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    Before the Surgery

    Before a minimally invasive knee and shoulder surgery, you will be asked about your current and past medication history. Also, quit smoking, and if you are overweight, you might be advised to lose weight before the surgery. Also, doctors will ask to do some tests such as blood work, x-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, etc.

    During the Surgery

    You will be given spinal or general anaesthesia so that you won’t feel discomfort during the surgery. Our team of experts will monitor your vitals during the surgery. Also, antibiotics are given during and after the surgery. During minimally invasive knee and shoulder surgeries, the surgeons will make the required incisions. They will then carefully remove the diseased, damaged, and cartilage-containing bone, leaving healthy bones and surrounding tissues unharmed. Then, they fuse the new replacement implants & components to the kneecap/shoulder cap or shinbone/thighbone (wherever required).

    After the Surgery

    After the surgery, you are kept under observation for a few hours. The doctors will prescribe you medicine and antibiotics to reduce the risks of infections.

    Recovery: Once you are discharged from the hospital, you must not get involved in heavy workouts or activities as it might lead to several complications. You might notice fluid oozing out the incision area, which is normal. However, if you experience extreme pain, you can consult the operating doctor.

    Who is eligible for Minimally Invasive Knee and Shoulder Surgeries?

    Minimally invasive knee and shoulder surgeries are still the preferred modes of therapy for many knee and shoulder injuries and disorders. The orthopaedic doctors at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, are skilled in various available treatments. They will help direct you to the one that will work best for your particular circumstances. However, if you have the following conditions, you might need invasive shoulder surgeries –

    • Labral rips cause instability in the shoulder.
    • Frequent dislocations due to shoulder instability.
    • Bone spurs that are painful or put your shoulder at risk of developing tendonitis or a rotator cuff tear.
    • Injuries to the rotator cuff that are painful and weakening. If the problem stems from normal joint wear and tear or rotator cuff damage sustained following trauma, Arthroscopy may be able to help.

    You might need knee replacement surgery if you have

    • Arthritis
    • Infections that might cause inflammation and swelling.
    • Non-surgical treatments are not effective anymore
    • Pain is causing hindrance in your daily life
    • Knee deformity

    Risks Associated with Minimally Invasive Knee and Shoulder Surgeries

    Like any procedure, minimally invasive knee and shoulder surgery have some risks. They consist of the following –

    • Blood Clotting

    To reduce this risk, surgeons frequently advise taking blood-thinning drugs. Legs are the most typical site for blood clots. They can, however, go to the lungs, where they might be fatal.

    • Nerve Injury

    The location where the implant is inserted may suffer from nerve damage. Numbness, weakness, and discomfort can be brought on by nerve injury.

    • Infection

    Either the incision site or deeper tissue may get infected. For some infections, surgery is required.

    • Loosening of Implants

    Although the implants used to replace knees are strong, they may become worn or loosen with time. If this occurs, a second operation may be required to repair the damaged or loosened components. 

    Getting a Minimally Invasive Knee & Shoulder Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, is a great option as it does not cause any discomfort, and you can heal quickly. However, following your orthopaedic surgeon’s advice is very important for optimal recovery.

    At Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, we strive to offer you world-class treatments backed by cutting-edge technology and highly advanced machines & equipment. Also, our team of board-certified surgeons and doctors make sure your concerns are addressed professionally and with utmost care.

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