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    Revision Hip Surgery

    Revision Hip Surgery in Bangalore

    Revision surgery is different in that the original components are removed and new components are implanted. The technical aspects of the surgery are more complex than the original total hip replacement. However, the preparation for surgery and hospital experience tends to be very similar to the primary total hip replacement. The choices for implant are also the same; both cemented and cementless components are used depending on the patient’s needs and the quality of bone present at surgery.

    Possible Complications

    The most common complications of total hip surgery can now largely be avoided. Before surgery each patient receives a complete medical examination by a doctor, as well as routine testing. Donation of one’s own blood prior to surgery can eliminate the problem of HIV and Hepatitis completely.

    Possible local complications include: loosening, wear or breakage of the prosthesis, hip dislocation, infection, pain, stiffness, leg length inequality, delayed healing of bone and soft tissues, and heterotopic bone formation. Other rare complications include fracture of the femur or acetabulum, nerve and vascular injury.

    Medical complications include: thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism (blood clot), urological complications and even death (0.1%) Other rare complications, which can be encountered with any surgery, include cardiac, digestive and lung problems.

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