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Interventional Oncology is one of the pillars of advance cancer care. It is minimally invasive and day care, right from biopsies to treatments like Ablation & intra-arterial therapies, with both curative and palliative treatment intention. We follow international patient focused treatment guidelines, tailored to patient’s best heath outcome.

Moto to provide “Quality of Life” to each patient.

IO key benefits

  • Day care
  • Least pain full
  • Minimally invasive
  • Quick recovery
  • Predominantly under local anaesthesia
Types of Treatment
  • Trans-arterial radio/chemo embolization
  • Tumour ablation
  • Preoperative embolization
  • Placement of long-term lines (PICC, Chemoport etc.)
  • Biliary interventions.
  • Treatments to bridge for transplant and to facilitate surgical resection
  • Image guided Biopsies
Trans-Arterial Radio / Chemo Embolization

The blood supply to the tumour (mainly HCC) is infused with medicine and it kills the tumour locally in that region, with least side effects.

Tumour ablation

Thin needle is placed into the tumour (image-guided) directly from the skin and is killed completely with thermal energy, use of advanced technology like Microwave and cryo.

Long-term lines

Delicate and perfect placement of lines under local anaesthesia and image guidance makes it hassle-free for your regular blood tests and medications. Like PICC / ChemoPort and more.

Preoperative embolization

Blocking the blood supply to the tumour and shrinking it. Making the blood loss minimal and easy for the surgeon to operate and add to quick recovery

Image-guided BIOPSY

The lesion is identified on imaging and targeted to high accuracy to get optimal diagnosis. Q&Q- quality & quantity of tissue extraction is our key.

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