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    Apollo Hospital BangaloreApollo Cancer Centres, Electronic City

    Apollo Cancer Centres, Electronic City


    Globally, and particularly in India, the number of cancer cases is on the rise. The facts are clear: we must now prepare for the future. Identifying and addressing cancer as early and accurately as possible is crucial in our battle against it.

    The future of cancer care lies in Precision Oncology

    The Precision Oncology Centre at Apollo Hospital, Electronic City, utilises cutting-edge technology, boasts a skilled and experienced staff, and has unique cancer treatment protocols. All of these elements contribute to providing patients with prompt access to clinical care and diagnostic support. At our cancer treatment facility, we emphasise patient-centred and value-based cancer care through continuous research and innovation.

    Services Available at Apollo Cancer Centres, Electronic City

    At Apollo Hospitals, we have consolidated all of the main oncology services under one roof to ensure that your treatment experience is smooth.

    Personalised Medicine
    • Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy is the practice of treating cancer with medications. These medications kill cancer cells by completely stopping or drastically decreasing their proliferation.
    • Immunotherapy – To prevent the spread of cancer, immunotherapy employs the body’s own immune cells. The process triggers the body’s immune system to kill the diseased cells.
    Precision Diagnostic – Your Health, Our Precision

    At Apollo Cancer Centres, Electronic City, we are dedicated to ‘Precision Diagnostic’ services, ensuring the most accurate and reliable diagnostic procedures for our patients.

    Personalised Screening for Breast, H&N, Gynae & Prostate
    • Phase I – The tests are specifically conducted to detect early-stage symptoms of breast cancer, head and neck (H&N) conditions, gynaecological (Gynae) issues, and prostate disorders.
    • One-Stop Breast Clinic – This outpatient facility is dedicated to identifying and addressing any breast-related symptoms.
    • Precision Prostate Onco Centre – Tailoring treatments to the genetic makeup of the patient’s cancer to administer the correct medication at the right time.
    Supportive Care
    • I/V Fluid Administration – IV fluids are administered intravenously using a tube, addressing electrolyte imbalances and dehydration.
    • Blood Transfusion – This common medical treatment involves the administration of donated blood through a small tube inserted into a vein in the arm.
    • Lumbar Puncture: A lumbar puncture is a procedure used to identify certain medical disorders. It is carried out in the lower back, or lumbar area.
    • Bone Marrow Aspiration & Biopsy: Bone marrow can be collected and examined through bone marrow aspiration and biopsy.
    • USG-guided Pleural Tapping: During a thoracentesis, sometimes referred to as a pleural tap or chest tap, extra pleural fluid is removed from the pleural space for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes.
    • USG-guided Ascitic Tapping: A diagnostic paracentesis includes taking an ascitic tap, or a sample of ascitic fluid from the patient’s belly using a needle and syringe.
    • PICC Line Flushing/Dressing/Removal: Weekly flushing and dressing are necessary for the regular upkeep of a PICC line.
    • Chemo Port Flushing/Dressing: Before flushing or blood sampling can be done with this Chemoport, a needle must be inserted.
    • Post CT/USG Guided- FNAC/Biopsy
    • Post LP
    • Post Bone Marrow aspiration
    • Post ascitic tapping
    • Post Pleural tapping
    Other Services
    • Scalp Cooling – Scalp cooling reduces chemotherapy’s negative effects on hair follicles.
    • Expert Opinion Clinic – A medical professional with specialised training or extensive expertise in a particular medical specialty can provide valuable assistance.
    • Counseling Services – Patient counselling is sometimes referred to as a personalised procedure that i
    • Blood Collection – We offer an extensive network of home collection services to all our patients.
    • Pharmacy – The pharmacy oversees the administration of pharmaceuticals in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
    • Personalised OP Clinic with a Multi-Disciplinary Approach – A comprehensive approach to patient care that involves specialists from various medical fields.
    Key Highlights
    • Focus on treating non-malignant diseases that can be cured with stem cell transplantation, as well as high-risk cancer.
    • Patients will receive high-quality care from well-trained nursing personnel experienced in handling a variety of preparations, procedures, and other nursing features.

    Apollo Hospitals has developed a SMART AI-enabled program at their Precision Oncology centre to provide access to safe and secure healthcare.

    Al-chatbot for patient engagement
    • Appointment booking, rescheduling, and follow-up
    • CT appointment confirmation
    • ePRO for CT patients through the bot
    • Patient advice and FAQs’ answers
    Al algorithm for Risk Prediction of breast cancer
    • Using mammograms to forecast future breast cancer risk, the artificial intelligence (AI) system MIRAI enables early detection for high-risk women.
    • MIRAI is currently undergoing validation by Apollo for Indian patients.
    Automated operational workflows
    • Auto-triggers for appointment confirmation and patient reminders
    • Optimisation of patient waiting times with RTLS (Trackerwave)
    • AI-generated patient summaries for clinicians to facilitate efficient consultations
    • AI pathologists automatically review submitted records to identify patients with unusual outcomes.
    Why choose Apollo Cancer Centres, Electronic City – Oncology Centre?

    Apollo Hospitals is committed to providing the most effective approach to cancer treatment. We recognise that each cancer is unique and, therefore, requires a tailored approach to treatment. As a result, we are committed to developing and implementing research-based cancer care methods. Patients who require numerous cycles of chemotherapy won’t need to travel far, as the day care facility is conveniently located near their homes. Apollo Hospital is the choice that promises excellent care and the best possible chance for the right treatment and an improved quality of life. Book your appointment now.

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