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What is Forward IMRT?

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in women with cancer. Breast cancer can often be managed with conservative surgery if detected at an early stage. Postoperative…
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Radiation therapy is a treatment method that employs radiation to address diseases like cancer. Specialists in radiation therapy use this approach to treat diseases, reduce tumour…

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What is the difference between 2D, 3DCRT, IMRT, and IGRT?

Depending on the specific type of cancer a patient is diagnosed with, they can choose from several types of cancer treatments. Radiotherapy, also known as radiation therapy…

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Which One To Choose? IMRT Or IGRT?

The mere mention of the word ‘cancer’ can evoke fear in individuals, and cancer presents numerous challenges that make it an exceptionally difficult disease to treat. However thanks to advancements in medical science, victory over this…

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