Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Bangalore

A hip replacement surgery is extremely beneficial for patients with chronic hip pain and restricted mobility. Normally, such a patient will be in continuous pain and require a lifelong supply of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. With this surgery, one can avoid this and achieve painless mobility.

How is Hip Replacement Surgery performed?

The hip joint will be accessed by an incision made by the surgeon during the procedure, which is normally carried out under general anaesthesia. The hip joint’s damaged sections will be removed, and the bone will be cleaned and prepped for the prosthetic parts. The prosthetic joint will have a ball attached to the top of the thigh bone and a socket inserted into the pelvic bone.

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery:

The types of hip replacement surgery include:

  1. Total Hip Replacement (THR): This procedure is the most popular for hip replacement. It entails using a metal, plastic, or ceramic prosthesis to replace the injured hip joint.
  2. Partial Hip Replacement: In this procedure, the injured portion of the hip joint is only partially replaced. This might be possible if the hip joint is damaged in just one area.
  3. Hip Resurfacing: A metal cap covers the hip joint’s damaged surface in this treatment. Younger individuals who are physically active and have strong bone density can have this type of treatment.
  4. Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement: This method uses tiny incisions and specialized tools to access the hip joint. Compared to conventional hip replacement surgery, it could lead to less discomfort and a quicker recovery.
  5. Revision Hip Replacement: This procedure replaces a hip prosthesis that has failed or worn out. It is more difficult than a basic hip replacement and can call for a specialist in implants and surgical methods.

Based on your age, general health, and the severity of your hip joint injury, our doctors at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, will decide which hip replacement operation is best for you.

Advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery:

  1. Pain relief: A hip replacement surgery can dramatically lessen or completely remove chronic hip pain, enhancing your quality of life.
  2. More mobility: Hip replacement surgery can help you regain your hip’s range of motion and mobility, making walking around and carrying out daily tasks easier.
  3. More strength: Following surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation can aid in regaining mobility and strength in the hip joint and its surrounding muscles.
  4. Improved sleep: Hip pain frequently interferes with sleep, but hip replacement surgery can relieve this and enhance sleep quality.
  5. Better mental health: Having chronic pain and being physically immobile can harm your emotional health. Your overall health and quality of life can be enhanced by having hip replacement surgery, including a positive impact on your mental health.

Hip replacement surgery in Bangalore at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

Before the procedure:

Before the surgery, you will undergo several tests and evaluations to ensure that you are healthy enough for the procedure. You may also be asked to stop certain medications, such as blood thinners, in the weeks leading up to the surgery.

During the surgery:

You will be unconscious throughout the process because the surgery is normally carried out when the patient is under general anaesthesia. The damaged portion of your hip joint will be removed after the surgeon makes an incision on the side of your hip. The socket and femur (thigh bone) will then be ready to accept the prosthetic components. The surgeon will ensure that the prosthetic parts fit and work properly before the components are put into the hip joint. After applying a sterile dressing and closing the incision with sutures or staples, the procedure will be completed.

After the procedure:

You will be closely observed during the recovery following surgery. Due to the requirement for pain medication and physical rehabilitation, you will probably need to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Recovery period:

You will work with a physical therapist from our hospital over the coming weeks and months to restore strength and mobility in the hip joint. Moreover, you might need to use a cane or walker for a while as an aid.

All things considered, hip replacement surgery is a frequent and efficient technique that can significantly reduce chronic hip pain while enhancing mobility and quality of life.

Who is eligible for Hip Replacement Surgery:

When conservative measures, including medication, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes, are ineffective in treating significant hip pain and function loss, hip replacement surgery is often advised. Typical ailments that could necessitate hip replacement surgery include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Trauma or injury
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Childhood hip diseases

An orthopaedic surgeon is often part of our healthcare team that decides whether you should have hip replacement surgery. This team will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination, and request imaging studies to assess the severity of joint damage. At Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, we will make sure that the entire process goes by seamlessly with all doubts cleared.

Risks and complications of hip replacement surgery:

Like any other procedure, hip replacement surgery carries some risks, which include:

  1. Infections
  2. Blood clots
  3. Dislocations
  4. Problems with implants
  5. Nerve or blood vessel damage
  6. Risks from anaesthesia

Hip replacement surgery requires a team of experts. At Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, we provide some of the most experienced doctors with cutting-edge technology to make the procedure as easy and comfortable as possible.

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