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    Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    Leading Shoulder Replacement in Bangalore at Apollo Hospitals

    Shoulder replacement surgery is for patients with a shoulder that is non-functional, damaged, or affected by a disease. The main aim of this surgery is to relieve the pain and improve mobility.

    How is Shoulder Replacement Surgery performed?

    The process for a shoulder replacement is normally carried out in a hospital setting while the patient is under general anaesthesia or unconscious. The procedure consists of the following steps:

    1. To access the joint, the surgeon creates an incision in the front of the shoulder.
    2. The humerus, which forms the upper arm, and the scapula, which forms the shoulder blade, are prepared by removing the damaged bone and cartilage to make room for the implant.
    3. Following implant insertion, the surgeon uses cement or a specific coating that enables the bone to grow into the implant to affix the prosthetic joint components to the bones. The implant typically comprises a metal ball replacing the head of the humerus, and a plastic socket replacing the socket of the scapula.

    After the implant is placed, the surgeon closes the incision using sutures or staples.

    Types of Shoulder Replacement Surgery:

    There are various procedures for replacing the shoulder, including:

    Total shoulder replacement: This procedure includes replacing the scapula’s (the shoulder blade’s) socket with a plastic one and the ball at the top of the upper arm bone (the humerus) with a metal one.

    Reverse total shoulder replacement: The ball and socket parts are joined to the scapula and the upper arm bone, respectively. Patients with rotator cuff tears and significant shoulder arthritis frequently have this surgery.

    Partial shoulder replacement: Replacement of only the injured portion of the shoulder joint, such as the ball or socket, as opposed to the entire joint, is referred to as a partial shoulder replacement. Patients with arthritis or other joint pain typically have this kind of surgery.

    Resurfacing the shoulder: This procedure involves adding a metal cap over the ball or socket’s damaged surface. Those who cannot undergo regular shoulder replacement procedure due to early-stage arthritis or other joint deterioration often undergo this type of surgery.

    Stemless shoulder replacement: This procedure uses a shorter, stemless implant that is made to fit into the bone more precisely. Less invasive surgery like this one might enable a quicker recovery.

    Based on your unique requirements and the degree of joint degeneration, our team at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, will decide which form of shoulder replacement surgery is ideal for you.

    Advantages of Shoulder Replacement Surgery:

    1. Pain relief
    2. Improved mobility
    3. Increased strength
    4. Improved quality of life
    5. A long-lasting solution for shoulder joint problems

    It is important to note that this surgery is not for everyone, and there are some indications and contraindications.

    Shoulder Replacement Surgery procedure in Bangalore at Apollo Hospitals

    Before the procedure:

    The patient will receive anaesthesia before the treatment to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience. This may include either localised anaesthesia, which numbs only the shoulder region, or general anaesthesia, which puts the patient to sleep.

    During the surgery

    To access the joint, the surgeon will create an incision in the front of the shoulder.

    The humerus, which forms the upper arm, and the scapula, which forms the shoulder blade, will both have their diseased bone and cartilage removed to prepare the joint for the implant.

    Placement of the implant: The surgeon will then use cement or a specific coating that helps the bone grow into the implant to adhere the prosthetic joint components to the bones. Typically, the implant consists of a metal ball to replace the humerus head and a plastic socket to replace the scapula’s socket.

    Closure of wound: The surgeon will use sutures or staples to close the incision once the implant is in place.

    After the procedure:

    Recovery: Following surgery, the patient is transferred to a recovery room. Physical treatment will be given to them while they are hospitalised to assist the shoulder joint in regaining its strength and range of motion.

    In general, shoulder replacement surgery takes several hours to accomplish. The patient can anticipate a recovery period of anywhere from a couple of weeks to maybe a few months before returning to their regular routines. The procedure’s specifics may change depending on the patient’s unique demands and the surgeon’s approach. Our doctors at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, can help one recover much faster.

    Who is eligible for Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

    Surgery to replace a shoulder is not for everyone with shoulder pain or joint degeneration. After careful examination by our physician or orthopaedic surgeon, the decision to have shoulder replacement surgery is often made individually. Patients who might be candidates for shoulder replacement surgery often include someone:

    1. Having severe shoulder arthritis or joint damage causing chronic pain, stiffness, and/or limited mobility.
    2. Having tried other treatments such as physical therapy, medications, or injections without success.
    3. Having a healthy body weight and are in generally good health.
    4. Committed to the post-surgical rehabilitation process, which is important for achieving the best possible outcome.
    5. Having realistic expectations about what the surgery can accomplish and are willing to participate in the decision-making process with their healthcare team.

    Risks associated with Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    As with any other surgery, there are risks associated with shoulder replacement surgery. These include:

    1. Infection
    2. Blood clot formation
    3. Nerve damage
    4. Failure of the implant
    5. Shoulder instability
    6. Persistent pain.

    Shoulder replacement surgery is a complex major surgery that requires a team of specialists to perform the procedure. Our team at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, can help you and guide you through the entire process. Our doctors are well versed with the latest technology and equally experienced. Contact Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, for more information.

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