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    Bleeding Disorders
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    Bleeding Disorders Treatment in Bangalore

    Bleeding disorders or haemophilia is a condition in which the blood doesn’t clot because of decreased blood clotting proteins. Thus, the bleeding disorder causes you to bleed for a longer period after even a trivial injury. Though smaller cuts are not a matter of concern, larger cuts might need immediate medical attention, as haemophilia can cause excessive blood loss. The main concern about the bleeding disorder is when you bleed from inside, as it can damage your organs and tissue and sometimes be life-threatening.

    What are the symptoms of bleeding disorders?

    The symptoms can vary depending on the type of bleeding disorder. Some of the major signs and symptoms include the following –

    • Frequent nosebleed
    • Unexplained and easy bruising
    • Heavy menstrual bleeding
    • Bleeding into joints
    • Excessive bleeding from small cuts or injury
    • Pain, swelling, or tightness in the joints
    • Blood in urine and stool
    • Unexplained irritability in infants

    What are the causes of bleeding disorders?

    Bleeding disorders usually occur when the blood does not clot properly. This happens when there is insufficient blood clotting protein called protein factors and blood cells called platelets in your blood. The platelets come together to form a plug on the injury site, which stops the blood from flowing out of the vessels. However, the patient will experience non-stop blood flow in case of bleeding disorders, as the blood cells do not work normally. A bleeding disorder is usually considered genetic; however, some disorders can develop due to certain medications, illnesses, or diseases.

    Other causes of bleeding disorders include the following –

    • Low Red Blood Cell count
    • Vitamin K deficiency
    • Side effects from certain medications

    In addition, the following are the reason a patient might experience Haemophilia –

    • Acquired Haemophilia – This is called acquired haemophilia when a patient develops a bleeding disorder without any particular cause. This happens when the patient’s immune system attacks clotting factors 8 and 9, usually associated with cancer, pregnancy, autoimmune conditions, multiple sclerosis, drug reactions, etc.
    • Congenital Haemophilia – A bleeding disorder can be inherited, which might get transferred from the parents to the newborn child.
    • Haemophilia Inheritance – This is the most common type of haemophilia, in which the faulty gene is located on the X chromosome, one from each parent.

    How is a bleeding disorder diagnosed?

    Your doctor will inquire about your symptoms and medical background to make a diagnosis of a bleeding issue. Additionally, a physical examination will be done. Ensure to tell the doctor about the condition – how long the bleeding lasts, how often you experience bleeding, etc.

    The tests involved are –

    • Bleeding time test, which analyses how quickly your blood clots to stop bleeding.
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC) counts the number of red and white blood cells in your body.
    • Platelet aggregation test, which examines how effectively your platelets cluster together.

    How are bleeding disorders treated at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka?

    At Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, our expert doctors treat this medical complication after a thorough diagnosis. Diagnostic tests & examinations are done to determine the type of haemophilia and its severity. After determining the type, the doctors prepare a well-thought & effective treatment plan. Though the treatment cannot cure bleeding disorders, it can reduce the symptoms associated with this condition and enhance the patient’s quality of life.

    Below are the methods used in treating the condition-

    • Iron Supplements – In case of severe blood loss, doctors might prescribe iron supplements to replenish the iron in your blood. With a decrease in the iron content in the blood, the patient might develop iron deficiency anaemia, making them feel dizzy, tired, and weak. Also, a blood transfusion might be required if the symptoms do not improve.
    • Blood Transfusion – A blood transfusion compensates for the lost blood. The donor gives the sample of the blood, and it is screened for your blood type. Once the blood type and other necessary parameters are matched, the procedure is carried out in the hospital.

    In addition, physical therapy and first aid for cuts and injuries are done on time to minimise blood loss. If the patient lacks clotting factors, fresh frozen plasma transfusion is done. It contains factors V and VIII – the two important proteins that help in blood clotting.

    What are the complications of bleeding disorders?

    The majority of consequences brought on by bleeding disorders can be avoided or managed with medication. But it’s crucial to seek medical therapy as soon as you can. When bleeding diseases are treated too late, complications are frequently experienced.

    The following are the potential complications of bleeding disorders:

    • Bleeding intestine
    • Blood loss in the brain
    • Pain and bleeding in the joints
    • Organ damage

    Women are especially vulnerable to bleeding disorders, especially if prompt treatment is not received. Uncontrolled bleeding during childbirth, a miscarriage, or abortion are risks that are increased by untreated bleeding disorders. Menstrual bleeding can be extremely intense in women with bleeding disorders.

    Excessive bleeding poses a risk because it can result in blood loss, dizziness, organ damage, and even death. Someone with a bleeding disorder can always have a normal, active life just with the help of highly experienced haematologists at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka. Get benefited from our world-class medical professionals, compassionate & well-trained staff, most advanced diagnostic & treatment machines, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

    Visit Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, to receive the medical care you need for all your bleeding disorders.

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