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International Patients

International Patients

International Patients

International Patient Services

Apollo Cancer Centre has a large base of international patients who come to us for the world-class comprehensive cancer care. The International Patients’ Department at Apollo Cancer Centre was established to assist patients in planning and preparing their travel itinerary to the hospital. We take the effort to not only provide world-class medical treatment but ensure you feel at home and are comfortable throughout the duration of your stay with us.  We have an exclusive team to provide end- to- end assistance and handhold our international patients.

Services Provided


Every international patient receives assistance and guidance regarding the medical visa, travel options, accommodations and appointments for consultations/ procedures.

Airport Transfer

We organize pickup and drop to the Airport for all our international patients.


Travelling to a foreign land for treatment also comes with the anxiety of not knowing the local language.

We understand the importance of communication between the healthcare provider and our patients and their caregivers The interpreters help you understand and communicate effectively with your cancer care team.

Assistance with Medical Visa

Entry, exit and stay of foreigners in India is governed by government regulations. We assist in getting your Medical Visa (MED) from the embassy/consulate of your country by providing requisite documents such as the Medical Visa Invitation Letter.

It is highly recommended to travel on a medical visa when traveling for your treatment. The advantage of a Medical Visa is that it allows for the extension of the visa in case the need arises during the course of treatment which is not permitted with a Tourist Visa (T).

Attendants/family members of patients coming to India for medical treatment shall be granted Medical Attendant Visa (MEDX) co-terminus with the Medical visa of the patient. Foreign nationals staying for more than 180 days, need to register at Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival unless mentioned otherwise in their visa, for which we will provide assistance.

Concierge Services

Our concierge desk would be happy to arrange guided local tour to see places in and around the city. Most of our centres are located in cosmopolitan cities and around which are also a hub for Indian architecture, music, dance, drama, sculpture and other arts and crafts and has a rich cultural diversity.

Hotels near us

Apollo Cancer Centres are located in the heart of the cities and are ideally located for stay in hotels that cater to all price ranges. We have customized packages at discounted rates for patients undergoing treatment at Apollo Cancer Centres. We also have collaborations with service apartments that are located in close proximity to our cancer centres