Breast Cancer

Digital Pathology


Digital pathology is the process of digitising glass slides using a whole slide image scanner and then analysing the digital images using an image viewer, typically on a computer monitor or mobile device.


Medical centres use digital pathology data collection and database management for millions of specimens. Clinical labs use digital pathology on select cases for remote consultations, education, or quantitative analysis.

Indications and procedures

When there are subject/domain experts who are available at different locations in the country ,it integrates them and makes their services
available across the country.
Procedures: The slides are processed in the usual way in the lab; the slides are then loaded into a digital high-resolution digital scanner and are digitalised and shared with the subject/domain experts.


  • Rapid access to prior cases
  • Data Storage allows for long-term predictive analytics
  • Reduced Errors
  • Eliminates breakage
  • Barcoding reduces risk of misidentification

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