Breast Cancer

Microvascular Flaps in Head and Neck Cancer


Surgical removal is the main modality of treatment in most cancers of the Head and Neck region. The defects following such excision are often functionally disabling and cosmetically disfiguring.


  • Following excision, the defect is analysed, and a template made out.
  • A similarly shaped block of tissue which can be spared without a significant loss [which may be skin, muscle bone or others] is marked out elsewhere on the patient…


Large cancers of the Head and Neck region particularly

  • Oral Cavity
  • Jaw [maxilla and mandible]
  • Nose


  • Large tumours can be removed and still reconstructed
  • Done in the same operation
  • Healing and recovery is quicker
  • Early return to normal functions like speech and swallowing

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