Insurance Desk


Guidelines for patients getting admitted under the insurance scheme

Apollo cancer centre is empanelled with multiple TPAs and insurance providers who enable patients to avail cashless admission

  • All the health insurance claims are towards In-Patient admissions only. Outpatient services are covered only by a few providers depending on the Policy taken.
    Please note: Insurance coverage extends only towards active medical and surgical management.
  • For patients requiring admission, an ‘admission slip’ is given by the consultant and the patient/ caregiver is guided to the hospital’s insurance desk to help complete the formalities.
  • To help complete the formalities, the patient /caregiver is requested to submit the necessary documents (Insurance card, ID proof and investigation reports) at the Insurance desk.
  • On submission of the pre authorisation forms filled by the consultant, approval is given by the insurance provider based on the norms/eligibility/policy of the insured.
  • This entire pre authorisation process will take approximately 24 to 48 hrs

Emergency Admission

If you have to be admitted under Emergency circumstances (or) if the treating doctor advises you to get hospitalized immediately after the consultation, our Insurance Desk will assist you through the pre-authorization procedure.

Please note: The Apollo Cancer Centre Insurance Desk is only a facilitator and cannot influence the decision on the approval. The approval can be turned down by the insurance provider.