Computed Tomography (CT SCAN)


CT scanning is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses x-rays to build cross-sectional images ("slices") of the body and organs.

It uses a combination of X-rays and a computer to create pictures of the organs, bones, and other tissues. CT Scan reproduces higher resolution images compared to a regular X-ray.


    Study the blood vessels and other internal structures

  • Assess the extent of internal injuries and internal bleeding
  • Guide procedures, such as surgeries and biopsies
  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatments for certain medical conditions, cancer and heart disease.
  • Pinpoint the location of masses and tumours


Patient is advised to remove jewellery, glasses, dentures and hearing aids. Post that the patient is positioned on a couch that moves into the scanner.
As the CT machine moves into position there is humming buzzing and clicking sounds of the machine, it is important to remain still during scanning to obtain clear images

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  • Advantages

    • Improves cancer diagnosis and treatment
    • Gives a good estimate to the surgeon of when to plan surgery, if required.
    • Reduces the need for exploratory surgeries
    • A very useful imaging modality for the treatment of common conditions such as injury, cardiac disease and stroke
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