Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Early detection is half the battle won


Breast cancer refers to abnormal growth of the cells of the breast. Though predominant in women, it is also known to occur in Men. If diagnosed at an early stage, there is a 95% chance of cure of breast cancer.

Risk Factors

  • Modifiable risk factors
    • Alcohol
    • Smoking
    • Physical inactivity
    • Obesity (especially after menopause)
    • Having the first child after the age of 30yrs

Signs and Symptoms

  • Lump in the breast/ underarms
  • Thickening or swelling on the part of the breast
  • Dimpling of breast skin
  • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or the breast


  • Mammography is a modality to image the breast, using low-dose X-rays. It can help detect abnormalities within the breast tissue such as lumps, micro-calcifications etc.


Treatment for breast cancer involves a multidisciplinary approach, with a joint management plan made by the breast surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologists. It depends on the age of the patient, stage of the disease, tumor size, grade, and immunohistochemistry.


  • Women in which age group are most prone to suffer from Breast cancer?
  • How does breast cancer start?
  • For how long can breast cancer go undetected?

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