Breast Cancer

Reconstruction after Resection of the Jaw Bone (Mandible and Maxilla)


Surgical removal is the main modality of treatment in more advanced stages of tongue cancers region. Following such excision speech and swallowing functions can be significantly impaired.


  • Once the extent of bone to be removed is determined, an accurate template is made in 3 dimensions. This can be done preoperatively in selected cases and a 3D printed model based on scans.


  • Most major resections for cancer involving the lower jaw and the upper jaw.
  • Significant excisions of the jawbone for benign tumours like Ameloblastoma in younger patients


  • Restores shape and symmetry following major resections.
  • Allows rapid rehabilitation of speech and swallowing.
  • Allows early completion of adjuvant treatment by being a single stage surgical procedure.

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