Trans - Arterial Radio - Embolization (TARE)


TARE is a trans-catheter intra-arterial procedure performed by the Interventional Radiologist for the treatment of primary and secondary hepatic cancers. In TARE procedure, the radioactive substance is injected through the hepatic artery into the liver tumor directly with the help of a catheter inserted into a peripheral artery.


It is a minimally invasive therapeutic procedure in which radiation emitting microspheres, for the treatment of unresectable Hepato Cellular Carcinoma, are introduced into the cancer tissue.

Indications and procedures

  • Patients with unresectable HCC Patients (and it hasn’t metastasized), and tumor mass comprising less than 70% of the liver volume
  • Patients who are unsuitable for surgery or any other modalities of treatment
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  • Lesser morbidity post the procedure.
  • Minimally invasive procedure, hence reduced stay in hospital.
  • Faster recovery
  • Especially useful for the management of unresectable tumors.
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