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  • Overview
    • A great cancer programme rests on the foundation of excellence, expertise and experience.
      However, it also needs a little extra – it requires the definitive edge of empowerment. An
      empowered programme has the power to make a change. This strength that often determines
      the efficacy of a group comes from a strong managerial system, forward-looking leadership
      and a culture where human relations are always a priority.
    • Apollo Cancer Centres invest a lot to nurture this ecosystem of empowerment, collaboration
      and respect. We track healthcare trends and developments the world over and ensure that the
      systems within are never behind the curve. Apollo Cancer Centres were one of the first to
      realise that healthcare – which is moving beyond silos – is becoming inclusive and
      collaborative. This new healthcare is completely patient-facing and takes care to make the
      patient experience as smooth, effective and as efficient as possible. This has tied in strongly
      with our core value of touching and enriching lives.

  • Tender Loving Care
    • TLC is a silent revolution that sweeps the corridors of every Apollo Cancer Centre every
      single day. Its objective is simple and clear – ensure the best patient experience possible. This
      focus transcends beyond just the soft and emotional aspects. At Apollo Cancer Centres, it is
      practised like a science. It consists of a deck of best practices that encompass the universe of
      patient touch-points. A wide range of systems has been perfected to ensure that every
      process at Apollo Cancer Centres is patient-centric. Cancer care draws strongly on our strong
      credentials in TLC. This is a long and elaborate process that only begins with detection and
      treatment. Rehabilitation, counsel and support are vital facets of a well-rounded cancer programme. At Apollo Cancer Centres, no stone is left unturned in ensuring
      the maximum comfort and well-being of our patients. A robust network of expert support
      staff and initiatives further enhance our patient-focused approach to cancer care.
      Some of these unique offerings are:

      • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

        Physiotherapy is a therapy for the preservation, enhancement or restoration of movement and
        physical functions that are impaired or threatened by disability, injury or disease. It utilises
        therapeutic exercises, physical modalities, assistive devices, patient education and training.
        At Apollo Cancer Centre, patients can benefit from Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy and
        Occupational Therapy.

      • Cancer Support Groups

        Apollo Hospital Cancer Support Group was started on March 8, 2004. It was set up with the
        belief that cancer survivors, having experienced and combated cancer and having come back
        with a renewed vigour for life, could provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support to
        newly diagnosed patients and help them fight cancer with grit and grace.

      • Sunshine Stores

        This is an exclusive outlet catering to the needs of cancer patients. It is a retailer solution that
        offers wigs, breast prosthesis, pressure garments, gowns, scarves, innerwear and CDs.