39 years ago, when I started Apollo Hospitals, the purpose was to create a healthcare system of global standards. There was a sense of commitment in everything we did.

Way back in 1995, we performed our first heart transplant, and since then, we have treated over 10 million cardiac patients. But alongside, we realised that we needed the same passion for excellence in oncology to win the war against cancer.

Whether it’s cardiology or oncology, at Apollo, the effort is to be second to none.
We are changing the way cancer is managed by focusing on early diagnosis and personalised molecular oncology for surgical, medical and high-precision radiation treatment. We are driving smarter, safer and more effective treatments by being at the forefront of technology, expertise and research globally. Outcome measures which are benchmarked with the best centres around the world, empower the teams to achieve the highest standards of success in treatment.
With the first and only Pencil Beam Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia & The Middle East and the zealous mission of Pro Health incorporating preventive oncology, the Apollo Cancer Centres have all that is needed to strengthen the battle against cancer for every patient.

Across 14 cancer centres and 1000 dedicated beds, over 200 oncologists oversee the delivery of high-end Precision Oncology Therapy. It warms my heart that our oncologists deliver world-class cancer care following an organ-based practice under competent Cancer Management Teams. This helps us in delivering exemplary treatment to the patient in an environment which has consistently delivered an international standard of clinical outcomes. There was a time when people had to go abroad for advanced cancer care and cure. Today people from over 147 countries come to India for cancer treatment at Apollo Cancer Centres. The fact that cases of cancer are rising dramatically, worries me. I believe that to beat the disease; we must do all in our power to prevent it and also diagnose it as early as possible.
Just as India has come together to fight the pandemic, we must step up our efforts to reduce the burden of cancer and make it curable, ideally for every patient.
This is my goal, and I need the support of my fellow citizens to build a healthier and happier India!”

Dr. Prathap C. Reddy

Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group

Future of Cancer Care