Dr. Siddartha Gosh

Senior Consultant & Lead - Neurosurgery

Dr. Suresh

Senior Consultant - Medical Oncology

Dr. Sivasundari

Dr. Gouthaman

Dr. abdul Rahim

Dr. Sandip Duarah

Senior Consultant - Head and Neck Oncology

Apollo Cancer Centre, Vanagaram: Pioneering Cancer Care in Chennai's West

Nestled in the bustling locality of Vanagaram, Chennai, Apollo Cancer Centre stands as a beacon of hope and healing for patients from the west and north regions of the city. Conceived with the utmost consideration for patient convenience, this facility offers accessible and affordable healthcare without compromising on quality. This is the third Cancer Care centre of Apollo in Chennai city.

In line with the visionary ethos of Apollo Hospitals, established four decades ago, the Apollo Cancer Centre represents another definitive step towards democratizing world-class healthcare. The facility's advanced oncology unit empowers patients to access a wide range of procedures, including chemotherapy, within the hospital premises.

Distinguished by its commitment to excellence, Apollo Cancer Centre boasts a team of leading experts across various specialties. From renowned names in Medical Oncology and Onco Surgery to Gynaecological Surgery, Radiation Oncology, and Nuclear Medicine, patients receive unparalleled care from specialists at the forefront of their fields.

Marking the dawn of a new era in cancer care, Apollo Cancer Centre at Vanagaram houses cutting-edge facilities such as the Precision Oncology Centre, equipped to tailor treatments to individual patient needs. Furthermore, the centre boasts South India's first Elekta Harmony Pro - Linear Accelerator, exemplifying its commitment to state-of-the-art technology and innovation in cancer treatment.

Beyond its primary focus on cancer care, Apollo Cancer Centre distinguishes itself by providing a spectrum of specialized medical services. With top clinicians in Neuro Surgery, Neurology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Orthopaedics, and General Surgery, patients benefit from comprehensive care under one roof, enhancing the value of cancer treatment offered here.

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