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Apollo Pathshala

The Apollo Pathshala


The Apollo Pathshala

At Apollo Cancer Centre, we believe that cure for cancer extends beyond the treatment of the disease. Childhood cancer is extremely stressful for the affected child and the entire family. Helping families cope with these stressful experiences is our priority during treatment. Children not only need treatment but a holistic care system which includes nutrition and education, among other things.

While the hospitals become their home, they are unable to attend school – a big price to pay. As a result, children are deprived of regular schooling and miss out on normal learning and development. This often makes reintegration difficult once they go back.

So, Apollo Cancer Centre started the ‘Apollo Pathshala’ an initiative which brings schools right to where these children are treated.

Apollo Pathshala enables children to attend school while undergoing treatment for Cancer. It’s no longer just about life after cancer. Pathshala ensures that our young brave hearts don’t miss out on the experiences that will define and shape their lives.