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Sunshine Store


Sunshine Store

    The Sunshine Store is a retail outlet catering to the needs of cancer patients during treatment and their lives after treatment ends. Combating cancer is a long hard battle. The will to fight and the will to reclaim life is what finally moves mountains. At Apollo, we salute this indomitable spirit and go the extra mile to nurture it in any way we can. We lend a helping hand by offering distinct wigs, hair switches, pressure garments, scarves and innerwear for those in need. Wigs, Hair Switches and Scarves

    Self-image is essential to improve quality of life and make the overall journey to better health and life after cancer just that much easier. In one’s fight with cancer, an inevitable harsh reality stares in the face – imminent loss of hair with cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    Our range of wigs, hair switches and scarves help patients cope with this particular temporary side-effect of their treatment. Prosthetic Bras and Innerwear

    A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast made for breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy. Prosthetics help restore the appearance of the patient and, in turn, their self-confidence. For those who prefer in-built padding in their bras to improve aesthetics, the sunshine store provides relevant innerwear.

  • Pressure Garments

  • Pressure garments and stockings help prevent swelling and can be utilised post-surgery.

    These may include compression sleeves and compression socks. These pressure garments help in managing the lymphatic blockage caused due to cancer treatment.

  • Gowns

  • Our patients are very comfortable using hospital gowns, even post-discharge. Sunshine stores are sensitive to this need. Gowns in various sizes are available in the sunshine store.

  • Scarves

  • Scarves provide an esthetic alternative to cope with hair loss that happens due to chemotherapy. Patients, especially women, prefer to wear scarves to cope with hair loss and to ward off the cold. The Sunshine Store provides a wide range of scarves to meet this requirement.