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ACC Support Group

Diagnosis of Cancer can be the most stressful and emotional experience in a person’s life. These emotions range anywhere from shock, rage, and disbelief to a sense of “Why me?” Support Groups help patients, and their caregivers navigate cancer and manage their mental and emotional health.

What is a Support Group?

It is always easier to resonate with those who have gone through cancer treatment and conquered it. Our support groups consist of these members who are able to relate with our patients who have been recently diagnosed with cancer.

They share their journey with patients and their caregivers giving them space to talk about their emotions and concerns and help them cope with the situation.

How does it help?

Support groups can help people feel more hopeful and manage their emotions better. It is a good option for:

  • All individuals with cancer
  • Caregivers

Members of the support group can also speak about practical facts. This could include advice on how to handle pain, other side effects, and what to expect during recovery.

If you wish to join our support group, please contact 1800 203 1066 or email us at