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    Gynaecomastia Liposuction

    Gynaecomastia, often known as male breasts, is a hormonal disorder that affects males during their early teens. It is caused by a hormonal imbalance that causes the breast glands and tissues to grow. Gynaecomastia is a prevalent disorder. Men often believe they must learn to live with this problem or lift their way out of Gynaecomastia by gaining stronger chest muscles. If the enlargement is brought on by extra weight and/or fat accumulation in your breasts, an exercise regimen that includes chest muscle strengthening may be helpful.

    Gynaecomastia can occur irrespective of weight. Reducing weight won’t make large male breasts look any smaller. The causes of Gynaecomastia, which can increase one or both breasts, include genetics, ageing, and hormonal changes.

    Diagnosis of Gynaecomastia

    Gynaecomastia diagnosis usually begins with a physical examination. While lying down, your doctor will palpate the breast tissue, moving from the outer regions to the center, to determine the presence of glandular mass. Gynaecomastia is typically identified when the area beneath the areolar breast tissue measures 2 cm or larger. This non-invasive procedure allows doctors to evaluate the size, shape, and consistency of the breast tissue, providing a preliminary diagnosis for further examination or treatment.

    In order to comprehend the problem better, your doctor may also advise further imaging and blood tests:

    • Hormone levels in the blood
    • Thyroid function tests
    • Liver function tests
    • Kidney function tests
    • Tumour markers for germ cell neoplasms
    • Breast Ultrasonography
    • Biopsy

    Treating Gynaecomastia with Liposuction at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    Since Gynaecomastia is caused by gland and tissue growth, it can only be treated surgically. Skin excision, Liposuction of excess fat, and surgical excision of extra glandular breast tissue by an incision at the nipple-areolar complex are common procedures used to remove breast tissues. Experts now employ high-quality power-assisted and ultrasound-assisted Liposuction technology.

    Types Of Liposuctions

    There are several Liposuction techniques, and the majority of them make use of a specialised thin tube called a cannula:

    1. Tumescent Liposuction – The most popular Liposuction method is called Tumescent Liposuction. The region where the fat has to be removed is injected with saline solution, which contains saltwater and other reagents. With less blood loss and discomfort, this solution facilitates suction operation.
    2. Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL) – This method employs sound waves to burst the fat cell wall beneath the skin. The fat dissolves and may be readily suctioned out.
    3. Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) – The cannula used here goes back and forth quickly. The vibration helps the surgeon to remove extra fat with minimal discomfort and oedema. This treatment is ideal for eliminating large amounts of fat.

    Preparing for the Surgery

    While getting ready for surgery, it’s important to make sure you stop taking any drugs that might make you more likely to bleed, give up smoking, and improve your diet so it can help you heal and recover after the procedure. The majority of surgeons conduct the treatment while under general anaesthesia. However, it can also be done with oral sedation and local anaesthetic. To assist in managing pain, minimise swelling, and control bruising, compression vests and ice are often used.

    Liposuction Procedure

    The swollen tissue is simply removed during a Gynaecomastia procedure under local anaesthetic. A few tiny holes (adits) of 3 mm in diameter are produced on either side during Liposuction for Gynaecomastia. Liposuction is performed by placing a cannula (a thin hollow tube) through a tiny incision and infiltrating fluid into the tissue. The cannula is pushed back and forth in a controlled way to release the extra fat, which is then vacuum-suctioned out of the body.

    Depending on how much tissue needs to be removed, the process normally takes an hour or two to complete. A highly skilled and trained plastic surgeon performs the operation. When determining if Liposuction alone would provide satisfactory results, factors including the person’s age and skin elasticity are crucial to take into account.

    After the procedure, you can anticipate the following:

    • Drainage tube to assist in preventing fluid accumulation.
    • Discomfort and pain.
    • Compression garment
    • Inflammation and bruising
    • Numbness

    Recovery after Surgery

    The recovery period for people who merely require Liposuction to treat their enlarged male breasts is often shorter than one week. For a few weeks, you might have to support the treatment site and reduce swelling by using a compression garment. It is normal to experience significant swelling and some bruising at this time, and any pain may be managed with prescription medicine.

    It might take two to four weeks for those who require surgical excision of the extra breast tissue to recover enough to resume normal activities. Following the first week or two, patients can start to resume activities, such as going back to work and doing some mild exercise. After surgery, swelling and bruising will progressively go down until the final results are visible. Within six months after surgery, the ultimate effects become visible.

    Risks and Complications after the Procedure

    Every procedure entails some level of risk. Here are a few potential breast reduction side effects:

    • An allergic response.
    • Blood clots that might cause a catastrophic stroke or pulmonary embolism, such as deep vein thrombosis.
    • Fatal cardiovascular conditions, such as heart attacks.
    • Rippling or saggy skin at the incision site.
    • Breast asymmetry

    Treatment at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    Our Department of Plastic Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, has the most modern and advanced facilities available. Our team of devoted and highly competent doctors provide outpatient, inpatient, as well as surgical treatments. Modern Liposuction cannulas imported from abroad are utilised throughout the surgery to reduce scarring.

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