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    Cosmetic Surgery

    A person may decide to have a surgical procedure, such as cosmetic surgery, to alter the physical appearance for aesthetic purposes. Men and women can opt for various cosmetic surgery operations to create an image that increases their self-assurance and comfort with their physical appearance. For some people, this may involve reshaping the body’s structure and features, minimising wrinkles, or getting rid of bald spots. Others may choose breast augmentation or varicose vein therapy.

    Types of Cosmetic Surgery Performed at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    Below is a list of the most popular (invasive and less invasive) cosmetic operations:

    • Breast augmentation or enlargement
    • Reshaping the chin, cheeks, or jaw
    • Eyelid lift
    • Facelift
    • Forehead lift
    • Lip augmentation
    • Liposuction (lipoplasty)
    • Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
    • Thigh lift
    • Tummy tuck
    • Laser skin resurfacing
    • Plumping, or collagen or fat injections
    • Laser treatment of leg veins
    • Vaginal rejuvenation
    • Botox injections
    • Cellulite treatment

    Cosmetic Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    It’s critical to understand what will happen before, during, and after the surgery and the expected outcomes. While certain physical traits can be effectively modified, others cannot. Your likelihood of being happy with the outcomes increases as your expectations become more reasonable.

    Before the Procedure

    To determine your overall health before surgery, you will be asked to have a preoperative assessment. Your surgeon will describe how cosmetic procedures might alter your physique and what to anticipate. You can make the best choice if you know your alternatives and possible results. You will receive details about specific treatments, what to expect, the advantages, dangers, potential consequences, and alternate options. In addition, you will be questioned on your health, current medicines, and personal habits, such as your smoking history.

    During the Procedure

    General anaesthesia or IV (intravenous) sedation is required for cosmetic surgery treatments carried out in a hospital setting under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist and nurse anaesthetist team. Other treatments, such as face filler injections, may be performed in an outpatient environment or a doctor’s office under local anaesthetic. Before surgery, you will meet with the surgeon again to ask any last-minute questions.

    After the Procedure

    You might experience mild to moderate pain after the treatment. Although your doctor will prescribe the right medicine to aid with the pain, this degree of discomfort is to be expected just after surgery. Therefore, you will be given particular instructions for post-surgical care before your treatment, whether outpatient surgery or a hospital discharge. In addition, prescriptions for antibiotics and painkillers will come with instructions on how to take them.

    Recovery after the surgery

    Although recovery timeframes differ depending on the surgery, it is reasonable to expect the recovery period to last at least two to three months. It would help if you considered this before the surgery because the recuperation period is crucial to the procedure’s end result. On the second postoperative day, all patients are urged to commence a gentle walking programme. In order to reduce the risks of bleeding, oedema, and bruising, regular aerobic and more strenuous exercises are not permitted for the first two weeks. Most of the time, 6 weeks is the minimum time before continuing weightlifting and contact sports.

    Risk and Complications of Cosmetic Surgery

    There is risk involved with any surgery, including cosmetic ones. You may be more susceptible to risk factors, such as blood clots in the lungs if you have diabetes or a body mass index of 30 or above (obesity). Moreover, smoking raises risks and hinders the healing process.

    Every surgical operation might result in any of the following complications:

    • Anaesthesia-related complications include pneumonia, blood clots, and, very rarely, death.
    • Infection at the location of the incision might exacerbate scarring and necessitate further surgery.
    • Minimal bleeding could call for another surgical operation or bleeding that is severe enough to call for a transfusion.
    • Fluid retention beneath the skin.
    • Surgical wound separation, which occasionally calls for subsequent surgeries.
    • Skin breakdown-induced abnormal scarring.

    Benefits of the Cosmetic Surgery

    • You may enhance both your beauty and physical health with various cosmetic operations.
    • Long-term results
    • Psychological benefits
    • Cosmetic surgery has gotten less intrusive over the past few decades, making it a popular procedure.

    Who is an Ideal Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

    To achieve all of your long-term aesthetic goals, whether anti-ageing or body contouring, cosmetic surgeries performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon are a safe and efficient method. It’s critical to understand that only some qualify for this treatment. When assessing if you are a good candidate for the operation you desire, take into account the following factors:

    • If you have realistic expectations, are in excellent health, and know the risks involved with the treatment you’re considering, you could be a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery.
    • You are prepared to follow your physician’s advice and safety precautions since you know all surgical risks.
    • You might not be a suitable candidate for cosmetic and plastic surgery if you have severe medical conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or depression.
    • If you smoke, drink too much, or are severely obese, you might not be suitable for cosmetic surgery.

    Treatment at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    The Center of Cosmetic Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, is a recognised specialisation centre. With highly skilled cosmetic and plastic surgery doctors, cutting-edge facilities, and a patient-centred environment, Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, offer top-notch medical treatment. Plastic surgery treatment is carried out by surgeons using modern and safe procedures, allowing for a speedy recovery and return to daily activities.


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