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    Blepharoplasty, or eye lift surgery, is a cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin from the eyelids. As you age, the skin around your eyelids becomes loose and saggy. This happens as the eyelid stretches and the muscle supporting them weakens. This surgery can be done simultaneously as a facelift and other cosmetic surgeries such as brow lifts, facelifts, or skin resurfacing. But you must know that an eye lift surgery won’t eliminate your dark circles, crow’s feet, and other lines or wrinkles around your eyes.

    Blepharoplasty is a great option for you if you have –

    • Baggy or droopy eyelids
    • Baggy under eye
    • Excess skin under the eye
    • Excess skin on the eyelid that blocks peripheral vision

    Advantages of Blepharoplasty

    If you are considering Blepharoplasty, you can expect the following advantages –

    Boost of Confidence

    Skin-deep beauty matters, but outer appearance matters too. If you feel self-conscious about your face, a little discomfort is always on your mind. Thus, Blepharoplasty can get rid of discomfort and boost your self-confidence.

    Improved Vision

    Those who have excess sagging of eyelids, which is usually the result of genetics and ageing, can also sometimes have a vision block. Sometimes, a part of the vision is affected instead of complete obstruction of vision. With Blepharoplasty, you can get rid of that excess tissue and regain your normal vision.

    Minimal Scarring

    With surgery, people usually have concerns about scarring. However, at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, we make small incisions, which reduces the risk of scarring and makes the surgery look more natural.

    Long Term Results

    Some non-surgical cosmetic procedures do not provide long-term results. However, Blepharoplasty helps you get a long-term effect, maintaining the aesthetic of your face.

    Blepharoplasty at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    Before the Procedure

    Before the surgery, you must go for a plastic surgeon consultation. They will assess the eye area and discuss your medical conditions (if any) and your expectations from the surgery. Also, you will undergo a physical exam, such as visual field testing, complete eye scan, and eyelid photography.

    Once these are done, your doctor will advise you on pre-surgery norms such as –

    • Stop taking blood thinners
    • Stop taking herbal supplements
    • Quit smoking

    Also, you must ask someone to take you home after the surgery, as you won’t be able to drive or take yourself home.

    During the Procedure

    Blepharoplasty takes 2 hours if you opt for the upper and lower eyelids. At Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, our doctors will use local anaesthesia with oral sedation. Also, you are most likely to receive an IV. During the surgery, the surgeon or the cosmetologist cuts the eyelid crease to remove excess skin, underlying tissue, muscle and fat. Once done, the surgeon will close the cut with small stitches, which will stay for 3-4 days. However, depending on the procedure, the lower lids might not require stitches.

    Another method of doing the surgery is – cutting the eyelash margin. The surgeon will remove excess fat, skin, and lose muscle through this. This cut mark will fade away after this surgery. Also, the doctor might recommend laser resurfacing.

    After the Procedure

    After the surgery, the doctor will use an ointment to keep your eyes moist and hydrated. They cover your eyes with cold compresses while you are recovering. You might have blurry vision and sensitivity to light right after the surgery. However, this gets better with time. Also, your eyes might feel dry or watery sometimes.


    After Blepharoplasty, you will have stitches on both eyelids, which will stay for 3 days to 1 week. You might have prolonged swelling and bruising (expected after the surgery). However, within a week or two, your eyelids get normal. Also, in case of discomfort, you can place ice packs on your eyes. You must not perform strenuous activities such as – lifting, swimming, aerobics, etc. If you have any of the following complications, talk to your doctor immediately –

    • Chest pain
    • Shortness of breath
    • Severe eye pain
    • Bleeding
    • Vision problem
    • Abnormal heartbeat

    Complications and Risk in Blepharoplasty

    Like every surgery, Blepharoplasty also has complications and risks. Some of the common complications are as follows-

    • Dry and irritated eyes
    • Noticeable scarring
    • Infection and bleeding
    • Skin discolouration
    • Loss of eyesight or temporary vision impairment
    • Injury to eye muscle
    • Need for follow-up surgery

    Who is Not Eligible for Blepharoplasty?

    You are not an ideal candidate for Blepharoplasty if you have the following conditions –

    • Circulatory system order
    • Immune system order
    • Thyroid abnormalities
    • Diabetes

    Please note that you are not eligible for eyelift surgery if you are pregnant or lactating.

     Treatment at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    Blepharoplasty is ideal for someone with excess fat in their eyelids that block vision by making the eyes puffier. Also, if you have saggy or droopy eyelids that lower your confidence or affect your vision, you must go for Blepharoplasty.

    At Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, we use world-class technology to help you get the desired results for your face. Also, our team of doctors will work closely to determine the best possible way for your eye lift surgery which will leave a seamless and minimal scar. If you want a Blepharoplasty, visit Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, and regain your confidence.

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