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    Targeted therapy: Apollo Hospitals
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    Targeted therapy is a form of cancer treatment that utilizes therapy drugs to target and destroy cancer cells. The drugs used in targeted therapy are specifically designed to detect cancer cells or specific genes, proteins, or enzymes that may drive cancer growth. Targeted therapy is often preferred over traditional chemotherapy because it can selectively stop or block the formation of new cancer cells, without causing harm to non-cancerous cells.

    Targeted therapy can be used as a standalone treatment for cancer or in combination with other forms of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. Apollo Hospitals in Bangalore, Karnataka, offers a range of oral and intravenous targeted therapies for medical oncology treatment. These therapies are routinely used either alone or in combination with chemotherapy or immunotherapy, providing advanced and personalized cancer treatment services by best Medical Oncologists in Bangalore.

    The ultimate goal of targeted therapy is to halt or slow down tumour growth. This can be achieved by interfering with the release of proteins or enzymes that aid in cancer growth or by targeting the genetic material that regulates the growth and division of cancer cells.

    How Does Targeted Therapy Work?

    Cancerous cells develop when mutations or genetic changes occur in the DNA of the cells. Drugs used in targeted therapy are designed to detect and destroy these cancerous cells with altered DNA while minimizing harm to the surrounding normal, healthy cells. Targeted therapy drugs can function in various ways once the cancerous cells are identified, including:

    • Interrupting signals that promote the growth of cancer cells
    • Inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels by cancer cells
    • Suppressing the production of specific hormones that contribute to tumour growth
    • Restoring the cells’ ability to self-destruct if they are defective

    Targeted therapy drugs can also be utilized to deliver radiation or chemotherapy drugs directly to cancer cells. Some common types of targeted therapies include:

    1. Monoclonal antibodies: These antibodies are synthesized in the laboratory and are used in targeted therapy to specifically target and attack cancer cells.
    2. Small molecule drugs: Small molecule drugs used in targeted therapy bind or attach to specific targets on cancer cells, inhibiting their growth or completely destroying them.

    What Happens in Targeted Therapy?

    Before deciding on the administration of targeted therapy for cancer treatment, the top oncologists at Apollo Hospitals in Bangalore, Karnataka, engage in detailed discussions with patients and their families to customize a patient-centric treatment plan for optimal results. Oncologists may conduct specific tests to identify the responsible mutation and determine the targeted area for treatment. These tests may include:

    1. Advanced genomic testing: This involves scanning the genetic profile of a tumour mass to identify specific mutations that may contribute to tumour growth or progression. If a known mutation is detected, it can be matched with a targeted drug therapy designed to address that particular mutation.
    2. Pathology tests: These tests analyze blood samples, tissue samples, or stool samples. They can help determine the levels of certain proteins associated with cancer and detect abnormalities in the chromosomes of cancer cells.
    3. Genetic testing: Genetic testing can aid in determining whether the genetic mutation is hereditary.

    Targeted therapy is utilized in the treatment of various types of cancer, including liver, kidney, breast, lung, lymphoma, prostate, and more. The method and location of administering targeted therapy drugs may depend on the patient’s overall health condition and clinical considerations. Generally, targeted therapy drugs can be administered in the following ways:

    1. Orally: The drugs are taken in the form of a pill or liquid through the mouth.
    2. Intravenously: The drugs are delivered through an intravenous (IV) drip into a vein.
    3. By injection: The drugs are injected into a vein, muscle, or under the skin.

    Benefits of Targeted Therapy

    The primary rationale for using targeted therapy instead of chemotherapy, or in combination with it, is the ability of targeted therapy drugs to specifically detect and destroy cancer cells while minimizing harm to the surrounding healthy cells. Targeted therapy can also help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

    Risks  of Targeted Therapy

    The side effects of targeted therapy can vary depending on the specific drugs used for different types of cancer. Some potential side effects of targeted therapy may include:

    • Diarrhoea
    • Dry skin
    • Loss of hair colour
    • High blood pressure or hypertension
    • Sensitivity to ultraviolet light
    • Changes in nails
    • Skin rashes
    • Delayed wound healing or difficulty in blood clotting
    • Elevated levels of liver enzymes
    • Lung problems
    • Neurological changes or damage
    • Alterations in the heart’s rhythm

    Some of these symptoms may be common side effects of cancer treatments, which can improve over time with or without the need for targeted treatment.

    Recovery after Targeted Therapy

    Targeted therapy may be an effective form of cancer treatment in many patients. However, the rate of success may vary depending on the severity, extent, and type of cancer.

    Treatments at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    We, at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, also known as Best Medical Oncology Hospital in Bangalore, host some of the best medical oncologists who provide comprehensive cancer care treatment with utmost clinical expertise and compassion. Revolutionary technology-assisted treatment for a wide variety of cancers, including targeted therapy administered orally or intravenously, is provided by interdisciplinary specialists in Oncology, assisted by a team of supportive medical staff. We are committed to providing patient-centric, all-round cancer care and rehabilitation services for holistic treatment, management, and recovery from cancer. Looking for Best Oncologist in Bangalore? Call us now.

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