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    Chemotherapy in Bangalore

    Chemotherapy is an aggressive chemical medication therapy used to destroy rapidly growing cancer cells in the body. This therapy is commonly employed to treat cancer, as these cells grow and divide at a faster rate than other cells. It is often used in conjunction with other treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy, or hormone therapy.

    The decision to use this therapy depends on factors such as the stage and type of cancer the patient has, their overall health, past cancer therapies they’ve undergone, the location of the cancer cells, and their individual treatment preferences. Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment, meaning it affects the entire body. In simple terms, chemotherapy refers to the use of potent chemical compounds that have high activity in killing rapidly dividing cancer cells.

    Typically, chemotherapy is administered through intravenous injections. The duration of these injections can range from a few hours to several days, depending on the planned treatment protocol for the patient.

    Why is Chemotherapy done?

    Chemotherapy is most commonly used to:

    • Reduce the overall amount of cancer cells in the body
    • Limit the possibility of cancer spreading
    • Reduce the growth of the tumor
    • Alleviate current symptoms

    If an individual has undergone surgery to remove a malignant tumor, such as a Lumpectomy for breast cancer, doctors at the Best Medical Oncology Hospital in Bangalore may advise chemotherapy to ensure that any remaining cancer cells are eradicated. Chemotherapy might also be used to prepare them for other therapies. It could be employed to shrink a tumor before surgery or to prepare the individual for radiation therapy. Additionally, it may help alleviate pain in patients with advanced cancer.

    Aside from cancer treatment, chemotherapy can be used to prepare individuals with bone marrow disorders for bone marrow stem cell therapy. However, since chemotherapy works by killing rapidly dividing cancer cells, it also affects normal cells in the body, leading to low blood cell counts, hair loss, oral ulcers, vomiting, diarrhea, infections, and more. With the availability of growth factors and medicines to combat the side effects of chemotherapy, most of the aforementioned adverse effects can be minimized.

    How to prepare for Chemotherapy?

    As chemotherapy is a serious treatment, it is crucial to plan ahead of time before starting treatment. The healthcare team, including doctors and staff, will assist the patient in anticipating potential treatment complications.

    Before starting treatment, the patient will undergo a series of tests to determine if they are healthy enough for chemotherapy. This will include cardiac checks and blood testing to assess the health of their liver. These tests can also help the doctor determine which types of chemotherapy to use in the patient’s treatment.

    The doctor may also recommend that the patient see a dentist before starting therapy. Since chemotherapy impairs the body’s ability to heal, any infection in the gums or teeth has the potential to spread throughout the body.

    How is Chemotherapy done at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka?

    At Apollo Hospitals, our doctors initiate treatment by ordering various tests, such as biopsies, blood work, x-rays, etc. Once the lab reports are available, the doctor will assess the condition and, depending on the severity, begin the treatment procedure.

    Chemotherapy is commonly administered orally or intravenously through injection or IV. The methods of chemotherapy administration at Apollo Hospitals in Karnataka typically include the following:

    • Depending on the location of the tumor, chemotherapy can be directly administered into it. If a patient undergoes surgery to remove the tumor, the doctor may implant slow-dissolving discs that gradually release drugs.
    • Chemotherapy creams can be effective in treating certain skin malignancies.
    • Localized treatment, such as delivering chemotherapy directly into the abdomen, chest, central nervous system, or bladder via the urethra, can target a specific area of the body.
    • Some chemotherapy drugs can be taken orally in pill form.
    • Liquid chemotherapy medications can be administered in single doses or through a port, into which a needle is inserted for each treatment. The infusion approach with a port may cause only minor discomfort at the injection site during the initial visit; however, the port needle can become loose depending on the level of activity.

    The chemotherapy administration schedule is determined by the doctor, and the patient is required to visit the hospital as instructed. Additionally, the doses and frequency can be adjusted depending on how the body reacts to the drugs.

    How Chemotherapy is used for cancer?

    Chemotherapy is utilized in various ways to treat cancer, including:

    1. Curative Therapy: When chemotherapy is employed as the sole treatment for cancer, it is referred to as curative therapy.
    2. Neoadjuvant Therapy: This type of therapy is used to reduce tumors before they are surgically or traditionally treated.
    3. Palliative Therapy: When chemotherapy is used to control cancer rather than cure it, the goal is to reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life.
    4. Adjuvant Therapy: Adjuvant therapy involves using chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells after surgical or radiation treatment, or in conjunction with other treatments.

    What are the side effects of Chemotherapy?

    Chemotherapy medications can have serious side effects. Each medicine has its own set of adverse effects, and not all drugs are responsible for every side effect. Some of the common side effects include:

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Hair loss
    • Fatigue
    • Fever
    • Constipation
    • Easy bruising
    • Mouth sores
    • Loss of appetite
    • Bleeding
    • Insomnia
    • Anaemia
    • Sexual changes
    • Neuropathy
    • Memory problems
    • Lymphedema

    Treatments at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka,

    Chemotherapy is a class of drugs used to treat cancer and other diseases. It works by disrupting the reproductive cycle of cancer cells and preventing their proliferation. Chemotherapy medications can be administered through intravenous injection, oral consumption, topical application, or shots. While they are effective in treating cancer, they can also harm healthy cells, resulting in side effects such as hair loss and exhaustion. At Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, our doctors strive to provide you with the utmost care, as we understand the challenges that chemotherapy poses. Looking for Best Medical Oncologist in Bangalore? Call us today.

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