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    Neuro Navigation


    Read about the treatments we offer, including complex brain surgery, treatment of acute head injuries, Neuro – Endoscopic Surgery, Endovascular Coiling of Aneurysms and Vascular Malformations, Robotic Neurorehabilitation etc…

    Neuro Navigation

    Neuro-Navigation, also termed frameless stereotactic surgery, is the ability to perform real-time intra-operative guidance during cranial and/or spinal surgery. This ability increases the accuracy and safety in neurosurgery and such technology is becoming a standard in neurosurgery. At our institution, the faculty is able to use the brain lab frameless systems. Such technology is able to guide the surgeon to the surgical targets without the use of external frames. The stereotactic or localization aspect of this technology is based on external or surface fiducials and internal or anatomical landmarks.

    The major role of frameless systems or neuro-navigation in neurosurgery is in cranial surgery. Such localization can limit the size of the bone opening or craniotomy and safely remove intra-axial lesions like brain tumors. Thus, the frameless stereotactic systems have been used primarily for tumor resection. Such systems are especially useful in accurately localizing and then resecting tumors near important areas of the brain, like the motor strip. The Radionics CRW System in Apollo Hospitals is complete with the full range of accessories to include the ability to carry out Frame Based Stereotactic Surgery.

    Microsurgical Instrumentation

    Two complete sets of Microsurgical Instruments are available at each Centre of Excellence for skilled surgeons to carry out the full range of microsurgery for cranial, as well as spinal surgery.

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