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    Brain Tumour – Effective Diagnosis & Treatment at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka


    Brain Tumour – Effective Diagnosis & Treatment at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    The frequency of brain tumours is growing significantly in India. Every year, more and more cases of brain tumours among persons of all ages are reported in our country. It describes the irregular cell growth that forms masses inside and outside of the brain. People of any age can develop brain tumours, which can either be malignant (cancerous) or benign (noncancerous). The benign ones are unlikely to spread to other regions of the body or brain. On the other hand, the malignancy might spread to other body areas and develop unrestrained.

    Possible Causes & Risk factors

    Uncontrollable cellular development is the root of tumours. An alteration or mutation in our DNA is the root cause of this. Your probability of getting a brain tumour might increase due to several risk factors.

    • Radiation Exposure
    • Genetic Diseases
    • Obesity
    • HIV or AIDS
    • Smoking
    • Environmental Toxins
    • Chemicals Exposure
    • Prolonged Radiation


    Several brain tumour symptoms may occur depending on the tumour’s location and size. You will experience symptoms when a tumour is large enough to exert pressure on the remainder of the brain tissue. If a person exhibits any of the following signs of brain cancer, they should see the doctor for this condition:

    • Weakness in a specific body part
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea and/or vomiting, along with severe headaches, especially in the morning
    • Paraesthesia (abnormal sensation)
    • A lack of balance or clumsiness
    • Seizures or jerks of one or more muscles
    • Altered mental status
    • Difficulty with vision/Blurred vision
    • Problems with speech
    • Hearing problems

    In addition, there are particular brain tumour symptoms for males, such as breast tissue growth. Nipple discharge, an abundance of body hair, and an absence of menstruation are all indicators of brain tumours in women. The progressive nature of the symptoms makes them potentially unnoticeable. But symptoms could be more obvious if the tumour is in a particular lobe of the brain.

    Our Diagnosis Services

    If our specialist doctor at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, suspects brain cancer, the initial set of testing will involve determining if certain brain functions are normal. These diagnosis procedures include:

    Neurological Test – Your hearing, balance, eyesight, coordination, reflexes, and stamina will all be evaluated during this process. Problems in these regions are signs that a brain tumour may be affecting a specific section of your brain.

    Imaging – Brain tumours can be identified using imaging tests such as MRIs, CT scans, and PET scans.

    Biopsy – A minimally invasive procedure is used to remove a small portion of the tumour, which is then analysed to determine if it is benign or malignant.

    Skull X-Ray – An X-ray can reveal that brain tumours can result in skull fractures. In some brain tumours, calcium deposits can be discovered using X-rays.

    Angiography – A luminous dye is introduced into your circulation during this treatment. The dye enters the brain and provides medical professionals with specifics on the tumour’s blood supply. This will be useful when the tumour is surgically removed.

    Types of Treatment at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    The cost of brain tumour treatment will vary depending on the patient’s age, health, size, and location of the tumour. The various therapies for curing brain cancer in India are listed below:

    Surgery – For malignant brain tumours, this is the most often used treatment. In order to retain healthy brain tissue, the surgeon removes as many malignant cells as is practical & required. Additionally, surgery can be used to treat benign brain tumours.

    Radiation Therapy – This kind of brain tumour treatment involves the use of radiation to destroy the tumour cells, such as X-rays or protons beams. It is typically utilised following surgery to eradicate any cancer cells that may have persisted in the region. Another treatment option is brachytherapy, which involves implanting a device close to the brain tumour within the body and using radiation to destroy the tumour cells.

    Chemotherapy – The tumour cells are the target of and killed by drugs that are administered either intravenously or orally. Additionally, oncologists may insert an implant carrying a chemotherapeutic medicine directly into the cavity where the brain tumour is located.

    Immunotherapy – Under this, certain cancer cell types are targeted for eradication by stimulating the immune system of the human body. The treatment not only inhibits the development of cancer cells but also prevents them from spreading to other body parts.

    Treatment Aftercare

    The patient is closely watched following surgery to make sure the body is operating normally. Your follow-up appointments with the doctor must be scheduled on a regular basis. To ensure your speedy recovery, your doctor will also provide you with a comprehensive food and nutrition plan. The regularity of your follow-up sessions will depend on your cancer stage, the treatment you got, and any potential side effects from the treatment.

    Schedule a consultation with our top brain cancer specialist at Apollo Hospital, Karnataka, which is regarded as one of the best brain cancer treatment facilities.

    Our Team at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka

    With the assistance of our highly skilled team of Neuro-oncologists, the department of neuro-oncology at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, has accumulated vast expertise in the treatment of patients with brain tumours. To treat our patients, the tumour specialists work closely together, coordinate constantly, and use cutting-edge technology and the latest research in the field. Apollo Hospitals not only have access to a team of medical specialists from several disciplines, but they also place a strong emphasis on direct patient care, with devoted critical care specialists available round the clock.

    You may feel secure knowing that you are in the hands of some of India’s top brain cancer doctors when you select Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka as your healthcare provider for your quest to cure brain cancer.

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