Breast Cancer

Skin Cancer


Skin cancer — the abnormal growth of skin cells — most often develops on skin exposed to the sun. But this common form of cancer can also occur on areas of your skin not ordinarily exposed to sunlight.

Risk Factors

Factors that may increase your risk of skin cancer include-

  • Fair Skin: Anyone, regardless of skin color, can get skin cancer.

Signs and Symptoms

Basal cell carcinoma:

Basal cell carcinoma usually occurs in sun-exposed areas of your body, such as your neck or face. It may appear as:

  • A pearly or waxy bump


To diagnose skin cancer, your doctor may:

  • Examine Your Skin. Your doctor may look at your skin to determine whether your skin changes are likely to be skin cancer.


Treatment options for skin cancers will vary, depending on the size, type, depth and location of the lesions. Small skin cancers limited to the surface of the skin may not require treatment beyond an initial skin biopsy that removes the entire growth.


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