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    Health screening program to suit the needs of an individual With the Apollo Personalised Health Check, every individual’s health check plan is tailor made (as each individual’s susceptibility to develop /manifest a disease differs from the other, based on multiple factors like family history, vital parameters, environmental factors etc). You don’t have to go through a battery of tests just because it is included in the set package.

    Services Offered

    • Comprehensive Health risk evaluation and screening.
    • Pre-employment job placement examinations.
    • Corporate Consultations for Routine employee Health promotions and checks.
    • Preventive medicine screening care such as mammograms, Pap smears, cholesterol screening, and blood pressure screening.
    • Our Health check programs has transformed the traditional data gathering exam into a fully integrated,head-to-toe evaluation by some of the top medical staff in the world. As an added benefit, you will also see experts in nutrition.

    Apollo Preventive Health Check Advantages

    • Health screening programme to suit the needs of an individual.
    • Physical examination by a Consultant Physician, Surgical consultation for men and Gynecological consultation for women by an experienced team of doctors.
    • Convenience of all tests, cross consultation and immediate treatment (if called for) under one roof.
    • Written reports and reviews within 24 to 36 hours.
    • Effective implementation of follow up services.
    • Facility available across several locations in the country.

    Apollo Health checks: +91-80-26304115 / 4118
    Hospital Information: +91-80-26304050 / 51

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