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    Mini Incision Parotidectomy

    Mini Incision Parotidectomy

    The parotid gland is the largest salivary gland in the human body, located behind the jaw in front and below the ears. Parotid glands can develop tumours. Parotidectomy is a surgical procedure that removes all or a portion of the affected part of the salivary gland. A nerve known as the facial nerve passes through parotid gland, dividing the gland into two parts: the superficial and the deep lobes, and supply the facial muscles

    A superficial parotidectomy is the medical term for surgery to remove a tumour from the superficial lobe. Total parotidectomy refers to surgery to remove a tumour from the deep lobe or from both the deep and superficial lobes. Parotidectomy may be performed for the treatment of several salivary cancers and non-malignant conditions, including chronic infection or salivary gland obstruction.

    What is Mini Incision Parotid Surgery and how is it different from traditional surgery?

    Parotidectomy is one of the common Head & Neck procedures. Surgeons at Apollo Hospitals Karnataka can perform a Mini Incision Parotidectomy Surgery in Bangalore by making a 2.5–3 cm incision behind the earlobe, concealing the scar.

    The standard incision for a parotidectomy begins in front of the earlobe, continues below the ear lobule, and then descends to the neck for a distance of 8 to 10 cm. After surgery, this incision leaves an unsightly scar on the face and neck. In contrast to the regular incision, the Mini Incision Parotid Surgery in Bangalore by Dr Satish Nair results in a very small and concealed incision that is 2.5–3cm long behind the earlobe in the post-aural crease. The amount of lesion excision is the same, but it is done through a keyhole, similar to laparoscopic surgery compared to traditional surgery. This type of surgery results in a smaller concealed scar, less blood loss, a quicker recovery, and an earlier return to normal activities.

    How is the procedure carried out?

    Before the surgery

    Prior to the procedure, the physician will conduct a pre-surgery evaluation during which they will review the patient’s medical records and explain the procedure. Several pre-surgery tests can be performed before a parotidectomy. These tests include:

    1. Diagnostic imaging tests – The use of diagnostic imaging techniques such as computed tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) assists surgeons in locating the tumour and addressing any issues. Imaging is particularly beneficial when the tumour is near the facial nerve.
    2. Biopsy – Fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNA) is the most commonly performed biopsy procedure before parotidectomy. The physician may perform an FNA on the tumour to detect the presence of cancer cells.

    The patient will receive instructions from the doctor on how to prepare for a parotidectomy, including which medications to take or discontinue, when to stop eating and drinking before surgery, and other important details.

    During the Surgery

    In this surgery, the patient will be administered a general anaesthesia, which will induce sleep throughout the procedure .Surgeon places the incision behind ear lobule. Once the gland is removed, the incision is stitched back together. Approximately 2 weeks after the procedure, the sutures must be removed. At the conclusion of the surgery, a small tube is inserted through the skin into the incision beneath the skin to remove any accumulated blood. Typically, this tube is removed the morning after the surgery.

    After the procedure

    Patients are required to spend one day in the hospital for Mini Incision Parotidectomy in Bangalore by Dr Satish Nair following their surgery to ensure they receive the safest and most efficient postoperative care possible. During this period, antibiotics are administered to patients to lower their risk of infection, and their pain management is closely monitored while they are hospitalised.

    What are the complications of a Mini Incision Parotidectomy?

    The risks associated with parotidectomy are generally very rare. However, if complications do arise, they can include:

    1. Numbness in the ear – Ear lobule numbness is common after Parotid surgery of the ear is very rare .
    2. Facial Weakness- The Chance of temporary facial weakness is 5-10% and Permanent palsy is less than 2% with mini-incision parotidectomy Permanent Palsy can happen only in cases of parotid cancers that is spreading through the facial nerve.
    3. Seroma- Collection of Serous fluid happen in 5-10% Cases near the sutures site after 3-5 days of surgery. It has covers on its own in 1-2weeks and does not need any specific treatment.

    How long does it take to recover after Surgery?

    Recovery after Mini-incision technique is very short. Patient can resume activates after 2-3days .If any weakness present it improves in 4-6 weeks. Post-operative pain is very minimal after this technique.

    Lifestyle changes after Parotid Gland Surgery

    A change in lifestyle may be necessary for recovery following parotid gland removal. To reduce stress on healing tissues, it is recommended to begin by avoiding strenuous activities and adhering to a soft diet. Physical therapy and facial exercises may be prescribed over time to reestablish normal muscle function in the face. For a speedy recovery, it’s crucial to remain vigilant for any signs of infection, excessive swelling, or unusual symptoms and report them promptly to your doctor.

    Benefits of Mini Incision Parotidectomy

    • Smaller and less intrusive incision – Minimally invasive and smaller incision result in reduced scarring, less pain, decreased tissue trauma, lower blood loss, and a quicker recovery time.
    • Facial aesthetics  – This helps achieve a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
    • Reduced likelihood of Frey’s syndrome – Traditional parotid surgery often leads to an unfavourable and common side effect known as Frey’s syndrome(Sweating while eating Mini-incision parotidectomy does not result in Frey’s syndrome .
    • Complications: Chances of Complications are very minimal with mini-incision parotid surgery .

    Mini Incision Parotidectomy at Apollo Hospitals Karnataka

    Apollo Hospital, Karnataka, is the largest and most trusted hospital when it comes to Mini Incision Parotidectomy in Bangalore by Dr Satish Nair. We are committed to providing outstanding personalised attention and customer service. Our best ENT & Head Neck Oncosurgeon in Bangalore, Dr Satish Nair is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and is highly trained. Our hospital is equipped with the latest technologies and is the only world-class hospital that provides Mini Incision Parotidectomy in the world. Emergency care and consultations are available at the hospital and can be scheduled with a simple phone call.

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