Stereotactic Radio Surgery
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Stereotactic Radio Surgery in Bangalore

Today, Oncology signifies comprehensive care, which requires commitment, expertise and immense dedication. The Apollo Oncology Team brings together the brightest minds in surgical, medical & radiation Oncology. Our cancer care experts, along with the latest Diagnosticssuch as the 64 slice PET CT, the Individualized therapy profiling using molecular diagnostics and genetics, the latest in Radiation therapy such as the TrueBeam STX and the soon to be launched Proton therapy, and the skilled Robotic surgeons who perform minimally invasive surgery, offer the best chance for every patient to conquer cancer.

A non-invasive technique is employed to treat various types of intra-cranial lesions like Arteriovenous Malformation, Meningiomas and Acoustic Schwanomas. This is usually done when the risk with open surgery is higher. The Linear Accelerator assisted Stereo tactic Radio Surgery is a widely accepted form of treatment and is extremely cost-effective. Through this procedure, deep-seated lesions can be treated precisely.

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