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    Pediatric Surgey
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    Pediatric Surgey



    Children are not ‘little adults’, more so when they require surgical interventions. Paediatric Surgery is the Specialty that treats any child with a surgical problem and provides holistic care, from newborns to adolescents. Unlike adults, children require special care during illness as, not only is their routine interrupted, but also their growth and development. Surgical interventions may have long-term implications unless managed appropriately. Additionally certain developmental abnormalities, which may be associated with other organ defects, need to be detected, evaluated and managed even though they may not manifest clinically. The Pediatric Surgeons are well adept in handling fine surgeries in babies. They are experts in managing the “Child with a Surgical Problem” and not just the “Surgical problem” in a child. The children requiring Paediatric Surgical consultation are not only those with obvious external structural defects but also children with a lot of other internal structural and functional deficiencies. These may involve any organ from head to toe. Some of these are even picked up by ultrasonography done during pregnancy and need counseling and planned evaluation after delivery to prevent any loss of structure and function of the organs.

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