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    In 2010, the Apollo Transplant Institutes conducted over 746 transplants thereby making it the busiest program of its kind outside of the United States. The Institutes are located at over 14 locations offering a mix of services that are equipped to take care of the entire spectrum of liver, kidney and gastrointestinal diseases. With 90% success rates, our program is a beacon of quality and hope for patients from across the world. Our centres are well-founded with high end equipment and state of the art infrastructure that is delivered with the highest possible quality by an eminent pool of internationally renowned Transplant Surgeons, Nephrologists, Gastroenterologist’s, Pediatric Gastroenterologists, Pediatric Surgeons, Anesthetists, Intensivists and Physicians. Over the past decade the Institute has built a reputation of trust and reliance with the highest quality of care delivered and outcomes unmatched the world over.

    The Apollo Transplant Institutes (ATI) is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive solid transplant programs. ATI offers a host of state of the art services which include Peritoneal and Hemo-Dialysis, Management of Liver Disease, Management of Kidney Disease, Liver and Kidney Transplantation, Corneal Transplantation, Heart and Lung Transplants, Intestinal, Pancreas and GI Transplant Surgeries and Pediatric Transplant Services.

    All our Transplant centres are equipped with:

    • Dedicated Operating Theatres customized for transplant surgeries
    • Dedicated State-of-the-Art Intensive Care Units
    • Specialty blood bank facilities
    • High end Laboratories for all tests and investigations
    • Diagnostic and Radiology Facilities which include 64 Slice CT scanners, 3Tesla MRI machines, high-end Ultrasound facilities
    • Dedicated wards and rooms for transplant patients
    • Counsellors and Transplant Co-ordinators to take care of all your needs
    • Translators for all major languages both national and international
    • Dedicated helplines and unit managers to take care of your treatment needs and requirements
    • Dedicated and trained nursing staff for your pre-operative and post-operative care


    Apollo Hospitals Bannerghatta Road – Organ Transplant Authorization.

    Authorization Committee

    As per the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (1994) [Act no. 42 of 1994] and the Transplantation of Human Organs Rules (1995) as amended vide GSR 571(E), dt 31-7-2008, w.e.f. 4-8-2008 every authorized transplantation centre is required to display the decision of the Authorization Committee on hospital notice boards and hospital website regularly.

    • Kidney Transplant License Details: (License No: JD (M)/HOTA/50/2016-17) | Date of Issue: 09.05.2017. Date of Expiry: 09.05.2022
    • Liver License Details: (License No: JDM/HOTA/20/15-16) | Date of Issue: 15.10.2015. Date of Expiry: 15.10.2020
    • Pancrea & Intestine License Details: (License No: JD (M)/HOTA/32/15-16) | Date of Issue: 14.03.2016. Date of Expiry: 14.03.2021
    • Eye Bank & Keratoplasty License Details: (License No: JD (M)/HOTA/36/17-18) | Date of Issue: 24.11.2017. Date of Expiry: 24.11.2022
    • Heart, Lungs, Homograft License Details: (License No: JD (M)/HOTA/39/2017-18) | Date of Issue: 30.11.2017. Date of Expiry: 30.11.2022


    Issued by: Chairman, Appropriate Authority for the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 1994 And, Commissioner, Health, Family Welfare and AYUSH Services.

    Transplant Approval Status at Apollo Hospitals Bannerghatta Road:

    Please download from below URL’s for the updated document list Competant Authority and Hospital Based Additional Committee approvals details and transplant  details.

    Apollo BG Competant Authority – organ transplant details

    Apollo BG hospital based additional committee details

    Apollo Hospitals Sheshadripuram, Bangalore. Competant Authority – Organ transplant details

    Sl. No. Recipient Donor Relationship Date of Transplant File No Organ
    1 Mr. Kwmae Boateng Mr. James Kwaku Nkrumah Brother In law 13.01.2020 40 yrs, AHB.889862 Kidney
    2 Mr. Ismail Saeed Attabio Mr. Yusif Yakub Uncle 21.01.2020 41 yrs, AHB.893400 Kidney
    3 Mr. Subramanyam Reddy Mrs. K. Lakshmi Sister 28.01.2020 68 yrs, AHB.900741 Kidney
    4 Mr. Samar Bhattacharjee Mr. Shekar Deceased Donor 29.01.2020 51 yrs Kidney
    5 Mr. Syed Nizamuddin Mr. Hemanth Kumar Deceased Donor 02.02.2020 35 years Kidney
    6 Mr. Durgesh Kabra Mrs. Pramila Kabra Mother 06.02.2020 57 yrs, AHB.909750 Kidney
    7 Mrs. Anoopa P Mr. N. Naveen Deceased Donor 11.02.2020 19 years Kidney
    8 Mr. Srikanth SE Mrs. M. Rathna Deceased Donor 13.02.2020 60 years Kidney
    9 Mr. Kannan S Mrs. Najunda Indrani Deceased Donor 13.02.2020 66 yrs, AHJN. 146021 Kidney
    10 Mrs. Asha P Mrs. Najunda Indrani Deceased Donor 13.02.2020 66 yrs, AHJN. 146021 Kidney
    11 Ms. Mamatha M.A Mrs. Chandramma P Mother 17.06.2020 56 yrs, AHB.897793 Kidney
    12 Mr. Sajith C Stany Mr. Jimmy C.A Uncle 16.07.2020 45 yrs, AHB.910592 Kidney
    13 Mr. Sunil Narayan Naik Mrs. Lakshmibay Lamani Mother 22.07.2020 49 yrs, AHB.931704 Kidney
    14 Mr. Robert Awaih Adda Mr. Daniel Azotikemah Step Brothers 22.10.2020 49 yrs, AHB.896117 Kidney
    15 Mr. Swaminathan Radhakrishnan Mrs. Ramya Swaminathan Spousal 02.11.2020 43 yrs, AHB.947000 Kidney
    16 Mr. Nitesh Kumar Sharma Mrs. Sushila Sharma Mother 25.11.2020 60 yrs, AHB.951858 Kidney
    17 Mr. Kannan S Mrs. Najunda Indrani Deceased Donor 13.02.2020 58 yrs, AC.010002115670 Liver
    18 Mr. Anil Kumar Dixit Mrs. Vyomika Dixit Daughter 08.06.2020 59 yrs, AHB. 897023 Liver
    19 Mr. Sanjaysingh Jaikishansingh Gaur Ms. Sonal Sanjaysingh Gaur Daughter 23.06.2020 51 yrs, AHB. 934872 Liver
    20 Mr. H.T Jagadeesh Mr. Chandan J Son 15.07.2020 50 yrs, AHB. 802365 Liver
    21 Mr. Kalluri Ramakrishna Reddy Mrs. Kalluri Venkata Lakshumma Wife 12.08.2020 45 yrs, AHB. 885750 Liver
    22 Mr. Ravi L Kulkarni Mr. Naveen R Kulkarni Son 07.09.2020 55 yrs, AHB.936422 Liver
    1 Mr. Imran Mollick Mrs.Mahamuda Begum Mother 04.02.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/01/2019 Kidney
    2 Mr.Mallaya Irayya vibhuthimath Mrs. Laxmi Mallayya Vibhutimath Wife 04.02.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/02/2019 Kidney
    3 Mr. Eneke Ambara Valentin Mrs. Andji Epse Eneke Josephine Wife 11.02.2019 HOT/AHB/HBAC/RT/01/2019 Kidney
    4 Mr.Elanchezhian Kasinathan Mrs. Maheswari Kasinathan Mother 11.02.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/03/2019 Kidney
    5 Mr.Kirana M Mrs. Suvaranamma Mother 25.02.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/04/2019 Kidney
    6 Mr.Mahesh Satyappa Dasaraddi Mrs. Lalita Chulaki Sister 25.02.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/05/2019 Kidney
    7 MrVenkatesh Murthy Deceased Donor Deceased Donor 15.03.2019 NA Kidney
    8 Mr.Ashwin Samuel Joseph Deceased Donor Deceased Donor 19.03.2019 NA Kidney
    9 Mr. Mohd.Javid Deceased Donor Deceased Donor 23.03.2019 NA Kidney
    10 Mr. Cheruvathu Peter Mrs. Doreen Peter Vearghese Wife 04.04.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/06/2019 Kidney
    11 Mr. Mahantesh Neelannavar Ms. Sujata Neelannavar Sister 04.04.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/07/2019 Kidney
    12 Dr. Sarika Kumari Mrs. Lalitha Devi Mother 18.04.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/08/2019 Kidney
    13 Mr. Uthman ayoola olajobi Mr. Sikiru Adebayo olajobi Brother 18.04.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/09/2019 Kidney
    14 Mr. Nagabhshan N Deceased Donor Deceased Donor 30.04.2019 NA Kidney
    15 Mr. Nandish S K Mr. S N Krishnappa father 10.05.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/11/2019 Kidney
    16 Mr. Bipin kumar Mrs. Kanchan Vijay Wife 10.05.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/12/2019 Kidney
    17 Mrs. Poonam Prasad Deceased Donor Deceased Donor 22.05.2019 NA Kidney
    18 Mr. Aishwarya M K U Mrs. M U Divya Mother 14.06.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/13/2019 Kidney
    19 Mr. Suresh babu malipatil Mrs. Bhavani Suresh malipatil Wife 14.06.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/14/2019 Kidney
    20 Mr. Sourav Kumar Agrawal Mrs. Ushabai Agrawal Mother 17.06.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/15/2019 Kidney
    21 Mr. Perkins Da-Costa Frimpong Mr. Charles Owusu Gyasi Brothers in Law 25.07.2019 HOT/AHB/HBAC/RT/02/2019 Kidney
    22 Mr. Nana Kwesi Aboadwe Markin Mrs. Cecilia Cobbina Mother 10.08.2019 HOT/AHB/HBAC/RT/03/2019 Kidney
    23 Mr. Jagdish Murlidhar Bhaykar Mrs. Shobha Govindrao Terkar Mother 10.08.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/16/2019 Kidney
    24 Mr. Nawal Prabhat Mr. Amarjeet Yadav Father 21.08.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/17/2019 Kidney
    25 Mr.Raju K N Mrs.Bilkes Swap 09.09.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/18/2019 Kidney
    26 Mr. Bande Nawaz Mrs. Lakshmi Swap 09.09.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/19/2019 Kidney
    27 Mr. Amare Gouda Mrs. Renuka Mother 10.09.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/20/2019 Kidney
    28 Mr. Manish Makharia Mrs. Gayathri Devi Makharia Mother 17.09.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/21/2019 Kidney
    29 Mr. Nazamuddin Badagan Mrs. Haseena Badagan Wife 18.09.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/22/2019 Kidney
    30 Mr.Bharath Bhushan Kapur Deceased Donor NA 15.03.2019 NA Liver
    31 Mr. Lalji Tulshibhai Dhokiya Deceased Donor NA 22.05.2019 NA Liver
    32 Mr. Somasekhar M Mrs. Anitha M Wife 20.07.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/01/2019 Liver
    33 Mr. Babugouda S Patil Mrs. Mahadevi Wife 12.08.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/02/2019 Liver
    34 Ms. Deepika C.M Mr. Mahaveera Father 18.09.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/03/2019 Liver
    35 Mr. K R Raju Mr. K R Alocka Son 29.08.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/04/2019 Liver
    36 Mr. David Patrick Greenhough Deceased Donor NA 30.09.2019 NA Liver
    37 Dr. Lokesh H C Mrs. Shobha H C Sister 15.10.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/05/2019 Liver
    38 Mrs. Poornima K aged 41 years Mr. K. Vinaya Kumar Brother 18.11.2019 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/06/2019 Liver
    39 Mr. Mubarak Mohamed Elhassan Ahmed Elyass Mr. Mohammedalhassan Mubarak Mohammedalhassan Ahmed Son 20.11.2019 HOT/AHB/HBAC/LT/01/2019 Liver
    1 Mr Raju Deceased Donor NA 43119 NA Kidney
    2 Mr Tushar Deceased Donor NA 43123 NA Kidney
    3 Mrs. Shaik Faiza Mrs. Beebijan Grand mother 43131 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/01/2018 Kidney
    4 KULSHEKAR K V SUDHA GOPALAN Wife 43133 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/02/2018 Kidney
    5 Mr Krishnakanta Deceased Donor NA NA Kidney
    6 Mr Vivek Deceased Donor NA 43171 NA Kidney
    7 Mr Naveen Kumar Deceased Donor NA 43239 NA Kidney
    8 Ms Geetha Mr Parthasarathy Brother 43240 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/03/2018 Kidney
    9 Mr gangadhar Ms Sudha Wife 43240 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/04/2018 Kidney
    10 Mr Kantharaju Ms Bhagya Mother 43241 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/05/2018 Kidney
    11 Ms Mudeena Banu Deceased Donor NA 43248 NA Kidney
    12 Mr Yogananda Mrs,Savithri wife 43264 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/06/2018 Kidney
    13 Mr Chandan Kumar Mrs.Renubala Sahoo Mother 43264 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/07/2018 Kidney
    14 Ms Sruthi Ms Susheela Mother 43265 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/08/2018 Kidney
    15 Mr Vasudev Deceased Donor NA 43262 NA Kidney
    16 Ms Mary little Rose Rita Monica Sister 43279 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/09/2018 Kidney
    17 Manab Bhuyan Rishav Bhuyan Brother 43279 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/10/2018 Kidney
    18 Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy Mrs. LakshmiDevi Sister 43291 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/11/2018 Kidney
    19 Mr. Prakash Patel Mrs. Veena Prakash Wife 43291 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/12/2018 Kidney
    20 Deepa Mitra Deceased Donor NA 43298 NA Kidney
    21 Veerendra Deceased Donor NA 43306 NA Kidney
    22 Mr Andrews D Mrs Soboth jenifer wife 01.08.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/13/2018 Kidney
    23 Mr.Ashok Kumar Mrs Nirupama wife 01.08.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/14/2018 Kidney
    24 Mr Birungi Sam, Mrs Kahuli Edith Cousin sister 10.08.2018 HOT/AHB/HBAC/RT/01/2018 Kidney
    25 Mr Serumaga Williams Mr Sserutta William Nephew 10.08.2018 HOT/AHB/HBAC/RT/02/2018 Kidney
    26 Mr Ranjith Choudhury Mrs Pritika Choudhury wife 25.08.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/15/2018 Kidney
    27 Mr.Datta prasad Mr.Subramani father 11.09.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/16/2018 Kidney
    28 Mr.butuzibu forturnate Mr.mugance jimmy nephew 17.09.2018 HOT/AHB/HBAC/RT/03/2018 Kidney
    29 Mr.mukkibi ahammed Mr.kiryoowa abubaker brother 17.08.2018 HOT/AHB/HBAC/RT/04/2018 Kidney
    30 Mr.jaikumar p mouli Deceased Donor NA 15.09.2018 NA Kidney
    31 Mr.surendra babu Mrs.farhana wife 24.10.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/17/2018 Kidney
    32 Mr.dushyanth kumar Mrs.bharathi mother 24.10.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/18/2018 Kidney
    33 Ms. Sreesha Mrs.sarada mother 23.11.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/19/2018 Kidney
    34 Mrs.Meenakshi C H yashakumari daughter 24.11.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/20/2018 Kidney
    35 Mr.shivasawmy Mrs.devarajamma sister 04.12.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/21/2018 Kidney
    36 Mr.sk hapijal rahaman Mrs. Globjan mother 18.12.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/22/2018 Kidney
    37 Mr.Ramesh Mrs.leela devi wife 18.12.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/23/2018 Kidney
    38 Mr Ramareddy Mrs. Suguna wife 28.12.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/24/2018 Kidney
    39 Mr Harisha Mrs. Poornima wife 28.12.2018 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/25/2018 Kidney
    40 Chitrai Pandi Deceased Donor NA 43123 NA Liver
    41 Mr. Amanuel Mengstu Tessima Mr. Binya Mengstu Tessima Brother 43129 HOT/AHB/HBAC/LT/01/2018 Liver
    42 Mr Krishnakanta Deceased Donor NA NA Liver
    43 Mr. Mesaniya Pramod Kumar Deceased Donor NA 11.03.2018 NA Liver
    44 Mr. Nijagunayya Sangayya Simekerimath Mrs. Lalitha Sangayya Simikerimath Mother 43192 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/01/2018 Liver
    45 Mr Anand Kumar Deceased Donor NA 43239 NA Liver
    46 Mr Kishore Modi Deceased Donor NA 43248 NA Liver
    47 Mr Deepak Kocchar Deceased Donor NA 43262 NA Liver
    48 Mr Shivanand Deceased Donor NA 43272 NA Liver
    49 Deepa Mitra Deceased Donor NA 43298 NA Liver
    50 Mr. Anoop Kumar Gupta Deceased Donor NA 14.09.2018 NA Liver
    1 Mr. Ashok Deceased Donor NA 42747 NA Kidney
    2 Mr. Govindraju Deceased Donor NA 42754 NA Kidney
    3 Ms. Seethalakshmi Deceased Donor NA 42779 NA Kidney
    4 Mr. Gajendra N Ms. Rukmini N Sister 42781 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/01/2017 Kidney
    5 Mr. Adarsh Deceased Donor NA 42789 NA Kidney
    6 Ms. Padmaja Deceased Donor NA 42795 NA Kidney
    7 Mr. Dinesh Babu N Mrs. Saraswathy Mother 42809 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/02/2017 Kidney
    8 Mr. Syed Naseer Pasha Mr. Syed Abdul Quar Hussain Brother 42868 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/03/2017 Kidney
    10 Mr. Narasimha Murthy Mr. Ramesh Babu R Father 42878 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/04/2017 Kidney
    11 Mr. Manjunath Deceased Donor NA 42879 NA Kidney
    12 Mr. SRINATHA N V Deceased Donor NA 42880 NA Kidney
    14 Mr. Anshad. M Mrs. Sainaba Mother 42905 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/05/2017 Kidney
    15 Mr. Upendra Kumar Singh Mrs. Savithri Devi Mother 42914 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/06/2017 Kidney
    16 Mr. Venkatesh. R Mrs. Shilpa. M Wife 42916 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/07/2017 Kidney
    17 Mr Sanket Deceased Donor NA 42946 NA Kidney
    18 Mr Venkatesh Zingade Mrs Sangeeta V.Z Wife 42963 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/08/2017 Kidney
    19 Mr. Raju Ghosh Ms Arti Ghosh Mother 43012 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/09/2017 Kidney
    20 Mr Madan Deceased Donor NA 43027 NA Kidney
    21 Mr. Harish Kapashi Mrs. Sushila Giradi Swap 43033 Kidney
    22 Mr. Vinod Giradi Mrs. Asha Kapashi Swap 43033 Kidney
    23 Ms. Vaishali Naveen Karadennawar Mrs. Sujata Patil Mother 43054 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/10/2017 Kidney
    24 Mr Rangaswamy Deceased Donor NA 43054 NA Kidney
    25 Ms. Padmini V Mr. Vedy A Father 43069 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/11/2017 Kidney
    26 Mr. Shivanand Sorati Mrs. Prema Hebsur Sister 43063 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/12/2017 Kidney
    27 Mr. P. Ranjith Mrs. P. Rajeswari Mother 43074 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/13/2017 Kidney
    28 Mr. Mazhar Abhas Mrs. Shameem Taj Mother 43090 HOT/AHB/CA/RT/14/2017 Kidney
    29 Mr Somasundara Deceased Donor NA 43090 NA Kidney
    30 Mr. Ssemmanda Issac Joash Mr. Sserunjogi Peter Cousin brother 43082 HOT/51/2017-18 Kidney
    31 Mr Anantha Deceased Donor NA 42739 NA Liver
    32 Shankar Deceased Donor NA 42779 NA Liver
    33 Vinod Kumar Deceased Donor NA 42791 NA Liver
    34 Mr Padmaja Deceased Donor NA 42795 NA Liver
    35 Mr. Suresh Laxmappa Ningaraddi Mr.Sagar Suresh Ningaraddi Son 42797 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/0/2017 Liver
    36 Mr. Joydev Mondal Mrs. Kakali Dutta wife 42823 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/0/2017 Liver
    37 Dr Anjali Deceased Donor NA 42826 NA Liver
    38 Mr Thiagarajan Deceased Donor NA 42861 NA Liver
    39 Mr Gordman Deceased Donor NA 42862 NA Liver
    40 Mr Vikram Khanna Deceased Donor Liver+Kidney 42893 NA Liver
    41 Ms Vidyadhari Deceased Donor NA 42929 NA Liver
    42 Mast. Sushanth M Mr Manoj Kumar G Father 42937 HOT/AHB/CA/LT/0/2017 Liver


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