Paediatric Anaesthesia and Pain Management

Paediatric Anaesthesia and Pain Management in Mumbai

The Department of Paediatric Anaesthesia at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, strives for excellence. We aid in performing an average of 4000 procedures every year.

Our scope of services include:

  • Anaesthesia for elective and emergency surgical procedures from neonatal age to 16 years of age, spanning all surgical specialties including cardiothoracic surgery and neurosurgery.
  • Sedation for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures – CT, MRI, Endoscopy, bone marrow biopsy etc.
  • Peripheral venous cannulation in difficult children
  • Invasive interventions of diagnostic and therapeutic nature in sick children – Lumbar puncture, therapeutic CSF drainage, central venous cannulation, arterial cannulation, invasive lines for ECMO, Bronchoscopy
  • Airway management – in emergency and Intensive care
  • Pain management – acute and chronic pain management

We are also involved in teaching and training DNB trainees in anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine. The training includes basics of Paediatric Anaesthesia, airway management skills and resuscitation techniques. Anaesthesia technicians, recovery nurses and theatre nurses are also taught basics of perioperative care.

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