Treatments and Procedures





Intra-operative Somato-Sensory Evoke Potentials (SSEP), Motor Evoke Potentials (MEP) and Electromyographic (EMG) monitoring with expert Total Intra-venous Anaesthesia (TIVA) makes Spine Surgery.

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Minimally Invasive Surgeries


Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) is performed through multiple ports using specialized instruments and equipment. Using MISS, screws, bone grafts and cages are inserted with much smaller incisions.

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Robotic Spine Surgery


Utilizing Robot in spine surgery can improve the execution and outcomes, In a wide variety of procedures, including: minimally-invasive and percutaneous pedicle screw fixation for complex spinal deformity.

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Abnormal curvatures if the spine are referred to as scoliosis and kyphosis. In the normal spine, there are normal curves if seen from the sides, but the spine is seen as a straight column from the front.

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Spinal Tumor


Any tumor or growth on the spine whether cancerous or not, can press upon the nerves, causing pain, neurological defects and sometimes paralysis. Loss of sensation or muscle weakness, especially in the legs.

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Spinal Surgeries


A microsurgical/ Minimally Invasive Procedure for disc excision results in less post-operative pain and early rehabilitation and discharge from hospital.Fixation is required to stabilise spine.

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