The agony of neck or back pain with radiation to weakness of the limbs, gets most of us very worried and concerned. The fear of the “unknown” and “impending uncertainty” shatters us and our families.

We at “Apollo Institute of Spine” wish to allay your anxiety, overcome your fear and reinforce your faith in evidence based care for all your Spine problems.

We assure you a complete healing experience as we hold your hand towards recovery. For us compassion and empathy is primary and we treat you as our own, offering contemporary diagnostics to therapeutic options for all your “Neck and Back Ailments”.

State-of-the-art Radiology, Neurophysiology and Physiotherapy help our multi-disciplinary approach to optimal solutions. A team effort by the Neuro & Ortho Spine Surgeons help achieve most complex surgical options with safety and surety. Intra-operative Spinal Cord Monitoring is our safety tool preventing neurological worsening during surgery.

Neuro-Navigation helps place implants wherever needed with precision. Spine Surgeons further improves minimally invasive targeted surgery, enhancing results and allowing early return to normal function.

The option of LASER pin-hole intervention in the indicated situations and comprehensive “Pain Management” procedures complete the portfolio of our facilities.

Our Offerings

Robotic Spine Surgery

Intra-operative Somato-Sensory Evoke Potentials (SSEP), Motor Evoke Potentials (MEP) and Electromyographic (EMG) monitoring with expert Total Intra-venous Anaesthesia (TIVA) makes Spine Surgery “Safest”. Monitors the functioning of the spinal cord and nerves and protects from paralysis, warning the surgeon of actual / impending damage to the spinal cord or nerves during surgery.

Intra -operative Spinal Cord Monitoring

Specialized retractor systems for minimal access and advanced Image Intensifier for ideal imaging make the surgical experience most comfortable and precise.

Cutting-edge tools for Minimally Invasive surgery

LASER Disc Surgery for contained discs not responding to non-surgical care is an excellent option for early return to function in disabling slipped disc patients.


Neuro-navigation tools based on either pre-operative CT Scans and/or Intra-operative fluoroscopy guides screw placement and helps eliminate human error in spine instrumentation surgery. It has been observed that 4.9% of non-navigated screws need to be revised intra-operatively as compared to only 0.6% of navigated screws.

Pin-hole Laser Spine Surgery

Renaissance (Mazor Robotics) is the latest technological wonder to be added to the Institute of spine and robotic surgery – Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai. The wonder tool enables the Spine Surgeon to successfully plan and perform high demand complex spine surgeries including challenging deformity corrections and revision spine surgery with safety and precision. Based on pre-operative and intra-operative radiological imaging data syncing to the patients individual anatomy using software programming, a virtual surgical strategy can be envisaged and replicated during the procedure. This has revolutionized safety in surgery and transformed results of critical high demand spine interventions. Deformities including Scoliosis, kyphosis & listhesis are corrected with far greater predictability and assurance. Revision surgeries are much safer. Minimal invasive procedures are done with greater precison and reduction of radiation hazards.

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