Breast Health Clinic

Women’s breasts change at different stages of life. However, understanding these changes is imperative so that one can differentiate between normal & suspicious developments.

For instance, finding a lump, changes in the skin texture of breast/nipple or nipple discharge require medical intervention by specialists. Along with consulting specialist when faced with these changes, women over the age of 40 also need regular mammograms to ensure healthy breast tissues. Certain health & lifestyle factors can even put younger women at higher risk for diseases like breast cancer, for which annual screenings may be recommended.

Women’s breasts also go through a major change during pregnancy and breastfeeding. While lactating, the breast tissue tends to get lumpier, nipples crack and in some cases infections can develop, requiring expert medical intervention.

Clinical Team

At Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai’ Breast Health clinic, a team of specialists help guide and diagnose women with all health issues related to the breasts. Expert gynaecologists with decades of experience, along with specialists like lactation experts, dieticians, psychologists and our state-of-the-art technology, provide patients with comprehensive Breast Health care under one roof.

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